Craziest theories behind why Dr DisRespect was banned from Twitch

Picture credits: essentially sports
Picture credits: essentially sports
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The internet went straight into conspiracy mode, and put on their Eddie Bravo hats, as soon as news broke of Dr DisRespect being banned from Twitch permanently.

Dr DisRespect was perhaps the most-beloved and popular streamer on the platform, and had been streaming full-time since 2015. While his peers, like Ninja and Shroud, chose to jump ship to Mixer, he decided to stick with Twitch and signed a multi-million dollar exclusivity deal with the company in March.

This was perhaps the sign of a healthy long-term relationship between Twitch and Dr DisRespect, but the future held something else entirely. Just three months later, he received a permanent ban on from the platform, on the 24th of June.


This unexpected turn of events was a shock, to say the least, for the streaming community and the internet as a whole. Several publications, message boards and Twitter have since lined up with outlandish theories and speculations regarding his dismissal from the platform.

The silence of both parties regarding the ban has only fueled the demand for more conspiracies.

Here, we look at some of the craziest theories online regarding the ban.

The craziest theories surrounding Dr DisRespect's ban on YouTube

1) "Spotify Gaming", 4chan and Keemstar

Prominent streamer and all-round internet personality Keemstar rarely ever lets a good headline go to waste. Tweeting out a ridiculous 4chan theory, then doubling down on it by posting supposed "proof" for the theory, he got in on the Dr DisRespect bandwagon.

The 4chan post claimed that a streaming service, supposedly owned by Spotify, approached Dr DisRespect. It further stated that because Spotify is owned by Google, there are several NDAs in place that prevent either from talking about it.

This theory has the least number of legs to stand upon in the first place. Readers were quick to point out that Google does not have ownership of Spotify, thus rendering 80 percent of the theory pointless.

2) Dr DisRespect had been poaching other streamers for a new streaming platform called Brime

This theory gained traction on Twitter, yet again thanks to Keemstar, after he posted about a brand-new streaming platform called Brime.

According to the theory, Brime had approached Dr DisRespect, Shroud and Ninja to sign exclusivity deals with their platform.

It is true that Shroud and Ninja are now free agents, after Microsoft pulled the plug on Mixer. However, Dr DisRespect had just signed that massive deal with Twitch that we already talked about, and wasn't likely to switch over so soon.

Brime is supposedly a brand-new streaming platform looking to make a splash by signing high-profile streamers. However, a quick look at their Twitter handle and website is enough to sway you away from this theory.

3) Criminal charges against Dr DisRespect

Picture credits: den of geek
Picture credits: den of geek

This is one of the newer conspiracy theories that has surfaced on several message boards, Reddit and Twitter. It suggests that both Twitch and Dr DisRespect have remained silent on the reasons for the ban due to criminal charges against Dr DisRespect.

This claim suggests that there are serious criminal charges against Dr Disrespect, leading to Twitch distancing themselves from the popular streamer. This theory doesn't have much in the way of concrete proof, and is more of speculation.

It also falls apart quite quickly when considering that even though the Doctor's sponsors and brands dropped him from their ad campaigns as soon as the news broke, they put him back up just as fast.

This points towards a conclusion that after communicating with Dr DisRespect, they decided to continue their partnership with him. Which wouldn't have been the case if the streamer had criminal charges against his name.

4) Twitch making a statement regarding their Community Guidelines


This particular theory isn't as far-fetched, as it does make a fair point and draws logical parallels.

The POTUS himself, Donald Trump, was banned from Twitch for violating community guidelines and policies for an election rally video back in 2016. This theory suggests that Twitch are now banning creators for content that is questionable, even if it is an old video.

Dr DisRespect, as has been pointed out, has been known to step all over these Community Guidelines quite frequently. Therefore, the conclusion drawn is that Twitch is looking to make a statement by banning one of their most high-profile streamers on the platform.

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