CS2 community debates over player using "legal cheats"

CS2 community in awe over player using "legal cheats"
CS2 player uses innovative way to cheat without really cheating (Image via YouTube/@TheMacroShow)

A CS2 player recently figured out a hilarious but legal way to get the upper hand over others in the game. In a viral clip on Reddit and X, the player could be seen putting up a magnifying glass right in front of their screen while playing. The glass was placed at the center where the crosshair was. Whenever an enemy appeared close to the crosshair, they were easily spotted.

The clip was initially shared on Reddit by u/helloitsj0nny and was later posted on X by a Counter-Strike 2 skins trading page with the following caption:

"What legal cheats for CS2 look like."

Many players from the CS2 community were amused by the clip. However, not everyone agreed that the trick was a "cheat." One user under the X post called it an innovation instead.

Another player saw the clip and felt that it just made sense. To them, it seemed a good fix for the visibility issues that some may face within the game. Moreover, it was simple and seemingly effective.

One member of the CS2 community was so impressed that they immediately wanted to get their hands on a similar glass. Clearly, they were ready to try the "legal cheat" for their own games too.

CS2 player wants to order glass (Image via X/@KushKrop)
CS2 player wants to order glass (Image via X/@KushKrop)

One X user thought that it was just a terrible look for the game.

CS2 player unimpressed with the trick (Image via X/@@iPoyox)
CS2 player unimpressed with the trick (Image via X/@@iPoyox)

The trick is meant to help with vision and clarity in CS2. However, according to one player, it would just make things more difficult instead. This could be possible since there would be a sudden change in clarity as soon as opponents enter the area around the crosshair.

Player finds the trick difficult to work with (Image via X/@iPoyox)
Player finds the trick difficult to work with (Image via X/@iPoyox)

CS2 community faces a major bot problem

Bots have been a rising issue just like the many hackers in CS2. Bot farms are essentially massive groups of bots deployed specifically to just play the game. These often plague entire lobbies and have also reportedly kicked real players out to keep doing their bidding.

The bots essentially play the game to unlock free rewards, which are later traded or used to make a profit. Items in large quantities mean a lot of profit.

To help with reporting bot lobbies in CS2, Valve employee u/DanB_VALVE took to Reddit to ask players to screenshot such instances and report them with a complaint on [email protected].

Since then reports from the CS2 community have been on the rise, but the issue remains difficult to tackle thanks to sheer numbers of bots in the game.

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