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Damien Mizdow Mo-cap's Randy Orton In WWE 2K16

Damien Mizdow Mo-cap's Randy Orton In WWE 2K16

News 15 Mar 2015, 19:50 IST
The Miz with Damien Mizdow

WWE 2K16 mo-cap work is underway and Damien Mizdow is one of the superstars who is acting out as the other wrestlers.

Recently at Chris Jericho’s podcast, Damien Mizdow said that last year it was Cesaro who was involved with the mo-cap work for WWE2K15 but, this year with WWE 2K16 it’s now his job. Mostly we see individual wrestlers do most of the work however; Mizdow shared some interesting stuff he had to do this year.

Mizdow admitted that he found it very hard to do the mo-cap for Randy Orton as mimicking Orton’s unique style of walking is not chil’d play. Jericho broke in and mentioned that Orton kind of dangles when he walks to the ring. Mizdow admitted that it took him many takes to get Orton’s entrance right.

He further went on to mention that the hardest move was a counter to the 619. His job was to rest in position, catch the person doing the 619 and then perform a slide slam on him. He said that there were many other wrestlers who helped with the other moves as he obviously could not do all the flying moves.

When you play WWE 2K16 next year, know that it was Mizdow who acted out all the moves and entrances.

YouTube user, KingMoe, captured an excerpt you can listen to below:

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