Days Gone: 11 gameplay and story details you need to know about the game

Days Gone
Days Gone
Shreyansh Katsura

#9 Deacon's Bike is upgradable

Days Gone
Days Gone

This won't come as a surprise and many people probably know about this as well, but it was worth mentioning it. There are many ways to upgrade Deacon's bike.

For example, adding a muffler to the bike makes it a lot stealthier to drive around and it is more difficult to get jumped onto by the nearby enemies that can otherwise hear Deacon.

Also, the fuel in the bike may run out anytime so the player needs to be conscious about this and look around for fuel tanks scattered across the game world.

#10 The Bike's tires wear off depending upon the pathway you're driving on

Days Gone
Days Gone

The Bike is the player's closest companion in the game.

Driving it on the unbeaten paths such as forests will wear off the tires easily when compared to sticking to the roads.

#11 The Bike acts as a mobile inventory

Days Gone
Days Gone

Deacon's bike acts like the horse from Red Dead Redemption 2. It can be used to store weapons, used for crafting, etc.

The players can temporarily choose to store the items they collect in the world there.

Days Gone is out 26 April, 2019.

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