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Dead Cells is finally coming to mobile devices this summer

71   //    08 May 2019, 00:12 IST

Dead Cells
Dead Cells

In a world (look, I'm a movie voiceover guy!) where 2D platformers are making one hell of a comeback, Dead Cells has been rising above the rest. Its ingenious game mechanics, beautiful pixel art and insane, "gotta try one more time" difficulty resonated with players and critics alike and earned it a slew of awards after its release in 2017.

It was only a matter of time before it was brought to mobile devices. And that time, it seems, is this summer (h/t Android Police)(which also sounds like a Cheap Trick song).

Last October, a listing for the Rogue-like Metroidvania (or, as developer Playdigious calls it, a "roguevania")(man, video gaming has a lot of weird terminology) popped up on the Google Play store before vanishing as quickly as it appeared.

At the time, folks wondered if that was a mistake or if something Dead Cells related was in the works for portable devices (other than the Switch, of course). Now we know.

French studio Motion Twin announced today that they're bringing Dead Cells to iOS devices this summer (the exact date hasn't been unveiled but my guess is July), with an Android version not too far behind it (it will "come later" in their words).

The handheld version of the Dead Cells will include controller support (I can imagine what a hassle trying to play that game on a touchscreen will be), will be a straight-up $9.99 (some other sources say $8.99, but now we're just getting picky) to purchase, with no free-to-play microtransaction nonsense to deal with.

If you're interested in being notified on when Dead Cells is finally released for your mobile platform of choice (assuming your platform of choice isn't something weird like Windows Mobile or something like that), you can sign up for updates on the official Dead Cells page. You can currently play it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.

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