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Death Stranding: Reddit user decrypts new info about the game

Death Stranding
Death Stranding
Modified 25 Dec 2018, 14:13 IST

Cheer up all you Hideo Kojima's enthusiasts! Yes, Geoff Keighley you too, ( Well he probably knows and has seen Death Stranding more than us.) because I just saw an interesting piece of the theory given by a Reddit user called u/venomhascometoomega, who put out a very confident post about Death Stranding that might be true.

You see Hideo Kojima teased us about 8 months ago with a picture of him wearing a Santa hat( Yes a Santa hat) which many people assumed to be an announcement coming somewhere near Christmas or the holiday season in general.

Many obviously assumed this high profile game update to take place during Sony's PSX event which unfortunately got cancelled.

Anyways, fans have still got their eyes peeled for any mysterious and crpytic announcement from Kojima San and to everyone's relief we indeed got one.

He tweeted out the following-

Now fans rigorously started to decrypt this tweet and u/venomhascometoomega was probably the first one to post a theory regarding this and so I thought I'll just post it here.

Lea's character on this image has a hand on her tummy and looks pregnant, I think Lea's the one in the game's picture and she's the pregnant woman on the picture with the blurred face in game, so I think Lea and Norman were once married in the past and now they randomly found each other and just don't remember their past lives cause they died and cameback already more than once probably
ps: that's why they both have dooms, one of the sees the demons, the other senses them, they both have that chiral allergy they both cry when the allergy hits, they have that in common, they can even be the same blood, both sons of Wagner's character, everything comes full circle, that why Norman asks "who are you" and Wagner says "you still don't remember who I am do you?" plus Wagner's carrying a baby on the game's poster means a mother carrying a child (Norman)

Here's the link to the actual Reddit post if you want to go in detail.

What are your thoughts regarding this? Do you think Death Stranding will release in 2019 as suggested by the game's lead actor-Norman Reedus?

Tell us in the comments down below.

Published 25 Dec 2018, 14:13 IST
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