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Dendi: Unforgettable Moments of the Dota Legend

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It can be called “Gamer” but for me, It’s something different. One way to forget about pain is to do something you’ll be in completely. So, Computer games.” – Danil “Dendi” Ishutin

There are many Dota2 professionals who have a huge fan following or won multiple titles but when it comes to the face of Dota or the legend of the legends, there is only one name – Dendi.

From winning the very first The International to game-breaking plays he has done it all. Dendi is one of those players who came from Dota1 and instantly made a name for themselves in the Dota2 scene from the very beginning. Even around that time when there were players like Burning-, Kuroky, Puppey were dominating the scene, Dendi became the legend, one of a kind and the face of Dota.

From a regular impatient kid with an ever smiling face who entered the scene recently, he became a mature, composed player, arguably the Greatest Of All Time. Every E-sports player has their ups and downs throughout their career but a very few managed to make a name for themselves that will be acknowledged even after their time, those who managed to did that became a legend.

Dendi is one of those players who came very early, who were there since the beginning and paved the path for others. He did not only just came and won but he inspired people. Players like Dendi, Fear they inspired people to join the scene. They showed the world that yes you can make a career in gaming, you can become a brand, a legend. Dendi is not only a legend but also the most celebrated player of all time. He did not only inspired the fans, he inspired many who are playing as a professional at present. He showed the world the endless possibilities of Dota, he taught things to his fellow teammates and others. Regardless of his present form he is still a legend and respected by every single professional player.

Dendi did not only just play the game or inspired people, he created magic. Let’s take a look at some of the finest moments of Dota and Dendi.

# Dendi and Enigma

The International 1 Grand Final. Na’Vi vs EHOME. Needless to say, Ehome was probably the most feared and most successful Chinese team of that time. The discipline, they play, the coordination of everything just scared their opponents. Ehome entered the tournament as the favorite to lift the Aegis. They met Na’Vi on the Grand Final and managed to win the first game of the series. It was 1-1. Most of the players and fans predicted Ehome to win the game and the tournament. Na’Vi picked Enigma to have a better team fight. After the Heroes were assigned to players they figured that the only hero left for Dendi is Enigma and he had never played it before. In a tournament, it’s a suicide and when it comes to the Grand Final of The International and you are playing against Ehome, picking a hero that you have never played before is same as calling GG before the game even starts.

Navi lost the game now they are playing with something they are not confident with. Ehome figured out how to play against Na’Vi, they figured out how to win against them so I’ll stick to my word and say Ehome will win it” – Synderen.


That’s very very stupid. That’s suicidal.” – Zou Yitian, Professional gamer, Ehome.

The game for Na’Vi started very passively. Really really passive. Dendi kept getting caught out and as a result, end up dead. Ehome was in a commanding position. But then something happened, Ehome caught Na’vi beside the Roshan Pit or I should say Dendi caught Ehome. As Puppey describes, “They were not ready for Dendi Enigma. It was a patient Engima, that was the most patient Enigma in the world.” As Artstyle hits Ehome with Ravage Dendi Blinks in and catches Ehome in his black hole. Ehome lost the gank and now Na’Vi was in the commanding position. Few more black holes and game was over. Na’Vi won the game.

That transition was legendary, Playing a hero for the first time under that pressure and even after getting killed so many times he managed to come back. As Puppey said, “He was scared to lose and that's why this time he was patient and he did everything right.” Ehome called GG and Na'Vi won the game.

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