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Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile: Where to find and all you need to know

Source: YouTube Thumbnail
Source: YouTube Thumbnail
Mohit Kumar
Modified 14 May 2020

One of the most potent pistols made available in the PUBG Mobile game is the Desert Eagle. This semi-automatic pistol offers a massive damage of 62, and two head shots are enough to effect a kill. The active Fire Range is 100 meters, and it is advised to maintain a safe distance or not to indulge in a close combat battle with a person holding a pistol at the initial stage of the PUBG Mobile match.

Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile: Where to Find?

The gun uses 45 ACP ammo, which is abundant in every map. The gun will be available on all maps, but at a few fixed locations such as School Apartments, Rozhok, Pochinki, and Severny, it will be available in all matches.

This semi-automatic hand gun can use all specific attachments that a normal assault rifle can use. All extensions such as holographic, Red Dot and others can be utilised to increase accuracy of the pistol, and to increase the headshot potential. The magazine has seven bullets, but based on your loot it can be increased to 10.

Source: YouTube Thumbnail
Source: YouTube Thumbnail

The high damage makes the gun a great option, but the availability and magazine size could prove to be a significant drawback. The damage per second and the muzzle velocity is one of the gun's biggest positives.

PUBG Mobile's Desert Eagle statistics

Source: Revival TV
Source: Revival TV

1. Speed

  • Hit Damage: 62
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 450 m/s
  • Time Between Shots: 0.25s
  • Firing Modes: Single
  • Method: Magazine
  • Rarity: Uncommon


  • Ammo Type: .45 ACP
  • Magazine Size: 7
  • Extended Magazine Size: 10
  • Capacity: 100
  • Attachment Points: 3
  • Type: Pistol
  • Firing Modes: Single

3. Body Damage (10 meters)

  • Level 0: 62
  • Level 1: 43.40
  • Level 2: 37.10
  • Level 3: 27.9

4. Headshot Damage (10 meters)

  • Level 0: 124
  • Level 1: 86.80
  • Level 2: 74.30
  • Level 3: 55.80
Published 14 May 2020, 11:36 IST
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