Destiny 2 1250 power cap leveling up guide

Image via Bungie
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 keeps upgrading its power cap with every new season. In the Season of The Hunt, the power cap lies at 1250.

Players new to the game find it difficult to reach the power caps because there are so many ways to earn the equipment necessary for achieving the required power levels.

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Reaching the 1250 power cap in Destiny 2

Image via Bungie
Image via Bungie

With the Season of the Hunt, players start at a power of 1050. All exotic and legendary weapons and armor have been lowered to this power level, and this is where the grind begins in Destiny 2.

Although Destiny 2 isn't that grindy a game, players need to put in considerable effort to reach a reasonable power level. Leveling up to 1200 isn't that difficult, as random world drops can easily help players get to that power level.

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All they need to do is farm for upgrade modules through the Banshee-44 bounties. These upgrade modules can be used to infuse a high-powered rare weapon with a low-powered legendary one to obtain a high-powered legendary weapon.

Image via Bungie
Image via Bungie

Once players reach the 1200 mark, the climb gets a little tricky. Players now need to get into Crucible, Gambit, and Strikes to farm for Powerful Gear, which can help them level up to 1250.

They can also complete the bounties that the tower vendors offer to obtain these powerful gear drops. The weekly Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible playlists also offer different tiers of powerful gear that help gamers leapfrog their current power levels quickly.

Players need to note that, in Destiny 2, vendor drops increase in power with respect to their power levels. The equipment they drop is around 10 points lower than that of the players' power level. For example, if a guardian is at a level of 1210, equipment dropped from vendors will be at 1200.

Once the player hits the 1250 hard cap, they can then aim for the 1260 pinnacle cap.

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