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Destiny rumored to be getting a new DLC titled 'Comet: Plague of Darkness'

New Downloadable content rumoured to be made available

Rumors 04 Jan 2015, 00:57 IST

Destiny’s first major DLC expansion, ‘The Dark Below’, was released earlier in December and the next DLC titled ‘House of Wolves’ is scheduled to launch on March 18th, 2015. Bungie has not announced any other DLC’s besides these.

But according to a recent rumour posted on Reddit, Bungie has a lot more DLC’s planned for their online first-person shooter title.

The rumour originated on an Italian Destiny forum where a supposed image from a Bungie production meeting was posted. The image as well as the post revealed some of the plans Bungie has in store for Destiny’s next big DLC.

The image that was supposdely taken at a Bungie production meeting

The biggest revelation from the forum post is the supposed planned release of Destiny’s second major DLC titled ‘Comet: Plague of Darkness’. The DLC will apparently feature twelve new missions, four new Strikes, a new Patrol, new Raid, new public events, three new subclasses, new levels, two new weapon types and a new location called High Ship.

‘Comet: Plague of Darkness’ is also said to be a physical disc release and not digital like other expansions for Destiny. There is also a possibility of a combined release of the base game along with all of the DLC’s including Comet: Plague of Darkness.

There are also two smaller DLC’s planned titled ‘Vex’ and ‘Forge of Gods’ which may be similar to ‘House of Wolves’ in terms of content.

‘Comet: Plague of Darkness’ will apparently be launching sometime in September 2015.

But keep in mind that these are just rumours for now. Bungie is yet to confirm if any of these rumours are true.

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