Devil May Cry 5 Review: An Impeccable Masterpiece

Devil May Cry 5
Devil May Cry 5

A piece of advice- Reading this Devil May Cry 5 review while listening to the Devil Trigger score(given below) from the game will make it even more stylish.


After a 10 years long wait, Devil May Cry 5 is finally here and serves as a direct sequel to 2008's Devil May Cry 4.

This time around the game lets us control 3 different characters which are- Dante(The Legendary Demon Hunter and Son of Sparda), Nero( A Demon Hunter without an arm who returns as the main protagonist from Devil May Cry 4), and a mysterious new protagonist named V.

Devil May Cry 5 is an instant throwback to the old school games we all have grown up playing but has long been forgotten in this age of so-called modern gaming industry. DMC 5 is not just a bold statement to all those games out there, it goes to an extra extent to make us realise what makes videogames fun in the first place and that is its biggest achievement.

#1. Story

Legendary Demon Hunter- Dante returns in Devil May Cry 5
Legendary Demon Hunter- Dante returns in Devil May Cry 5
The game's story is 15-16 hours longs and is told in a non chronlogical order as the on-going mystery keeps things fresh and stylish till the very end.

The story of Devil May Cry 5 takes place approximately 5 years later after the events of Devil May Cry 4 and Nero has apparently set up his own Demon hunting agency with a sassy young woman Nico- an expert craftswoman who throughout the game's 15-16 hours campaign makes new Devil Breaker arms for Nero.

Devil May Cry 5's story is told in a non-chronological order with the game's narrative shifting through each of the main protagonist's perspective, sometimes even letting you choose whom you want to play as. It is a welcome change and the on-going mystery regarding V's whereabouts and motives as well as Nero and Dante's connection to him keeps us hooked till the end. What makes every cutscene even more engrossing is the colossal amount of style that has been put into them. The camera shots, the way the characters move and behave as well as the dialogues, reeks of high production value which makes the story fill in the little gaps that the game's hardcore combat leaves very organically.

Devil May Cry 5's story ends up on a high note and gives every cast member the much-needed attention. Some might wonder whether Nero might steal the spotlight because he's in the centre of the game. That's actually not the case and it's surprising and very relieving to see the 3 of the main protagonists getting equal importance.

#2. Gameplay

The game's combat is always in crescendo and offers an incredible amount of depth to every weapon and tools thrown at the game's 3 protagonist.

Devil May Cry 5 is an absolute blast to play! The trio of Nero, Dante and V each gives out a distinct flavour to the game's combat and keeps things fresh till the last mission of the game. Every character controls differently and has different weapons and move sets. What makes the game so much more fun and engaging is the amount of variety it offers in its combat.

There's an immense depth to the combat in Devil May Cry 5 and it reflects in the arsenal of all the 3 characters. The game continues to provide new tricks and ways to play till the end. The combat gets more complex and fun until the end. It is always in a mode of crescendo. There's always a new combo manoeuvre to master or a new weapon to get familiar to and sometimes they can take up to 20-25 mins of intense practice in The Void mode of the game.

However, it's not perfect.

V feels a little out of place( combat wise). Since he doesn't fight the demons himself, it can get a little clumsy controlling his pet demons- Shadow and Griffin who doesn't always act the way they are supposed to. This is the biggest downstep in Devil May Cry 5's combat and hence making V the least favourable for the missions that give the option to choose who you want to play as.

Also, there's no option to switch between Nero's Devil Breakers which is completely absurd and instead of giving the players strategic freedom to play the game, it becomes a pain and a feature that could have been utilized in an even better way. Though after the first few missions, one gets used to it.

There's no other better feeling in this world than being able to control Nero and Dante.

Capcom went out all the way to make sure the game doesn't fall victim to repetitiveness which is a disease grasping almost every other AAA game out in the market. Devil May Cry 5 sets a completely new benchmark in the action hack n slash genre with its 3 incredibly stylish characters each offering different combat experience. In other words, there's no better feeling in this world than being able to control Nero and Dante period.

#3. Visual and Sound design

With the same sick and twisting visual fidelity from previous DMC games as well as an enthralling collection of soundtracks which makes the gameplay even more prominent.

Devil May Cry 5 is built upon the powerful RE engine which was previously used to power up Resident Evil 7 and the most recent Resident Evil 2 remake. The game garnishes the same sick and twisting visual fidelity from the previous installment but more from the Ninja Theory's version of the game-DMC: Devil May Cry and it's a good thing.

The lighting effects shine just like in RE 2 remake as well as the crisp detailing that went into making each character feel real. However, just like Resident Evil 2 remake- the outer environments feels a little uninspiring when compared to let's say Devil May Cry 4 and Dmc: Devil May Cry's world.

The scores in DMC 5 is the heart of the game and every adrenaline-pumping moment is made even prominent with its enthralling metal/pop tracks. Whether it be Nero's Devil Trigger, V's Crimson Cloud or Dante's Subhuman track, the game wouldn't have been as absorbing as it is without them.

Overall, Devil May Cry 5 is even more fun with its raging and sick score which is going to stay in one's head long after the credits have rolled.


Capcom is back! Devil May Cry is back! Good quality single player games are back! Devil May Cry 5 stays true to its vision till the time its credits roll. It doesn't force repetitive side quests, stale combat and unlimited content like most of the other AAA games out there.

Instead, it focuses on just one thing that makes it stands out-it's combat. It provides us with a quality 15 hours long hack and slash adventure which is pure bliss to play and is now undoubtedly of the best action games ever made!

In Dante's words-"JACKPOT.

Our score for Devil May Cry 5
Our score for Devil May Cry 5