Disguised Toast explains why Facebook Gaming is better than Twitch

 Image via Disguised Toast
Image via Disguised Toast

Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang has explained why Facebook is a better platform to stream on than Twitch in a clip from LiveStreamFails on Reddit. There was some truth to his statement even though there was a tinge of sarcasm to it.

Twitch streamer "kkatamina" passed a message to Disguised Toast from some viewers. Some of these viewers were of the belief that Facebook has changed Disguised Toast.

Disguised Toast wasted no time in a delivering a quick response. He listed down some reasons why Facebook is better.

"It's for the better, by lining my pocket and unlimited freedom to do whatever I want. No more slaving every day, trying to stream TFT, scrounging for viewers," he said.

Disguised Toast went on to mock streamers who scrounge to get viewers on games like TFT and other massive games. He was clearly making fun of the streamers on Twitch that are constantly competing with one another. Disguised Toast doesn't face that on Facebook and has been slaying on the platform.

He continued to list more reasons why Facebook streaming is better, and why he's taken this route.

"Also I get to listen to music on Facebook. Oh no, played five seconds of Taylor Swift on Twitch. Guess your account is going to be banned," he joked.

Disguised Toast talks about Music on Twitch versus Facebook


Disguised Toast only made a quick mention of the music problem on Twitch. The issue started back in mid 2020, when music companies began to issue DMCA claims on thousands of streamers. There were thousands of instances of infractions.

Streamers on Twitch started receiving bans based on strikes. They were issued a warning to delete all of their VODs, or face more problems. Twitch didn't have the tools to fix the problem, so they simply provided a mass delete option.

Some streamers like Nickmercs attempted to resist the new rules and keep their VODs, but even he had to delete the content. Even now, streamers must refrain from using copyrighted music on Twitch.

This not just a problem for Twitch, but YouTube as well. While Disguised Toast may be safe from DMCA on Facebook for now, the platform may have to face the music inevitably.

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