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DOTA 2: 5 Things I lost after 7.20 Patch

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:15 IST

Patch 7.20
Patch 7.20

Dota2 yearly patches change everything and that’s the way it is. Some of us yell at others “Adapt and evolve” and some of us complain about the changes, quit playing it and eventually come back. Dota2 is always evolving, be it the bi-weekly patch or mid-yearly patch or big updates once a year. Every update comes with a lot of expectation and disappointment.

 Patch 7.20 is not different, a lot of players “got what they wished for” but it changed the game a lot, mechanics, game-play, heroes, talents, abilities, you name it they have changed it. Yeah, it’s totally a grieving article and you can grieve as much as you want with me. Because bro I know the feel when one single patch ruins multiple of your most played heroes and then ruins the experience more by overpowering some unwanted hero in the name of Buffs. Patch 7.20 came with a lot of disappointment and overpowered heroes but these are the worst 5 changes in Patch 7.20

#5 Traxex - Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger
Drow Ranger

When I was going through heroes and patch notes I did know that Drow Ranger will end up on this list but I thought she will be on my top 3 but apparently, the patch had more surprises for me that I am still not done and over with.

Drow was one of those heroes that you don’t want to touch when it comes to reworking and changes. She has gone through a lot of changes since Dota1 and in recent years. But she still was interesting enough and be it a mid-drow or safe lane drow it was always interesting to watch drow fitting in those drafts. She was a delicate glass cannon that was super fragile almost with no escape and heavy damage. Now that’s the thing, she was a Glass-Canon, not a Glass-watergun. This update just grabbed her and decided to throw her out of the professional matches, meta, and pub all at the same time.

When that was not enough the small patches kept punishing her. Drow without her aura and damage is nothing, and now she literally is nothing. Her win rate already dropped by 10% which is massive considering the duration and now it will just keep dropping. The rework was nothing but clear execution and now instead of a deadly glass-canon, we have water-gun.

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Published 06 Dec 2018, 22:07 IST
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