Dota 2 7.29c: What makes the Tiny and Wisp combo broken in public lobbies?

Tiny and Wisp are one of the most formidable combos in Dota 2 history (Image via MikeAzevedo on DeviantArt)
Tiny and Wisp are one of the most formidable combos in Dota 2 history (Image via MikeAzevedo on DeviantArt)
Subhradeep "Bucketbaba" Mukherjee

The Tiny and Wisp combo has been a menacing one in Dota 2 public lobbies for quite some time.

Tiny is a strength-based melee hero utilized in a versatile manner. On the other hand, Wisp is a strength-based ranged hero who flourishes by pairing up with another damage-dealing hero.

Since the introduction of the latter, this pairing has been destroying Dota 2 pubs.


But recently, after the 7.29c patch update of Dota 2, the Tiny-Wisp combo has posed a more significant threat than ever before. With his burst damage-dealing abilities, Tiny, when paired with the global presence of Wisp, ravages the mid to late-game of any Dota 2 pub.

Tiny and Wisp combo in Dota 2 patch 7.29c

Tiny has primarily four abilities that deal immense amounts of magical and physical damage. Wisp (Io) also has four abilities, and with careful utilization, they can bring out the full potential of a hero it is connected to.

Their abilities in Dota 2 are:


  • Avalanche
  • Toss
  • Tree Grab/Tree Throw (Upgradable by purchasing Aghanim’s Shard)
  • Tree Volley (Available after purchasing Aghnim’s Sceptre)
  • Grow

Wisp (Io)

  • Tether/Break Tether
  • Spirits (In and Out) (Upgradable by purchasing Aghnim’s Sceptre)
  • Overcharge
  • Relocate

Wisp’s first ability allows the player to tether it with another allied target. Due to this bond, Io not only gains the same movement speed as the hero tethered to, but it also gives the tethered hero bonus HP and Mana regeneration.

Tiny is a relatively slow hero that deals a massive amount of magical damage from level 1. But with Tether, the Tiny and Wisp combo can start to come to fruition early on.

As Tiny levels up and takes points in with the Grow ability, he literally grows in size, gaining bonus attack damage and armor while losing his attack speed. With the help of Io’s Overcharge, he can easily attack faster than usual as he stands to gain a massive attack speed boost while Io is tethered to Tiny during Overcharge.


This is why the Tiny and Wisp combo has always been a combo to be feared. However, with the 7.29c patch in Dota 2, Tiny received an Aghnim’s Shard upgrade, allowing Tree Grab to have unlimited charges.

So now, the previously limited charged attacks that allowed Tiny to do splash damage while giving him bonus attack damage against buildings can now be used in abundance.


Meanwhile, the massive mid to late-game kill potential with the Toss into Avalanche combo is an ever-existing threat to the opposition.

Pairing with the global presence of Wisp's use of Relocate as a support to take Tiny with it to gank anybody anywhere on the map, along with the Shard upgrade, has ravaged pubs recently.

Edited by Ravi Iyer


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