Dota 2 Battle Pass: 5 Tips to Level Up Your Battle Pass Fast

Image courtesy: ESTNN website
Image courtesy: ESTNN website
Anuj Gupta

Valve recently released The International 2019 Battle Pass. Every year the company introduces a battle pass and 25% of the money paid by players to purchase the pass is dedicated towards the tournament prize pool.

While every year many players purchase the battle pass, not everyone gets the full benefit from the money spent. The money required to purchase a 50 or 100 level pass is too much and the cost of purchasing levels inside the pass is not exactly pocket friendly either.

The people who get stuck with low levels of the Battle Pass cannot really reap the benefits like the cool hero immortals and other perks. However, there are small shortcuts which can help you level up your pass faster and in a more pocket friendly way. Here we will discuss some tips to get the best value for money from the pass.

#1 Waiting for Discounts

Image courtesy: Dota 2 website
Image courtesy: Dota 2 website

This is like a loophole in the Battle Pass system. Last year Valve announced the Pass similar to this year with different prices for different battle levels. However, the company released a special discount on purchasing battle levels. The offer was huge, including 80 Battle Levels, 4 Immortal Treasures I and 4 Immortals Treasure II for only $19.99.

That is approximately ₹1,405 only. To put it in perspective, a 50 Level Battle Pass is currently selling at $29.35, which is ₹2062. This is like a loophole because many people purchase the initial release of the pass and then get disappointed after looking at the offer later. This offer usually comes during the end of June as Weekend sales. People who need more levels can buy the 100 level pass now and then buy these discounted levels later. Something to take note is this usually comes as a one time purchase per player.

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