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Dota 2: Custom game called Auto Chess has gained so much popularity, even more than Artifact

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Gautam Nath
Modified 15 Jan 2019

It has been 4 years since Dota 2 added custom games. Funnily enough, the concept and gameplay of Dota started out as a custom game many years ago from Blizzard's Warcraft 3 map modifier.

A custom game called "Auto Chess" has been seeing a surge of popularity in the custom games section. The game was developed by a Chinese game studio called Drodo Studio and has had over 100k concurrent users and over 672k subscribed users.

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Artifact, Valve's official drafting card game, only had an all-time peak of 60,000 concurrent players! It seems that people are enjoying the drafting mode in Auto Chess a lot more than Artifact. It also helps that Auto Chess is free inside the Dota 2 client so many people are trying it.

How is the game played? Every round you get a set of random heroes, you can "buy" to fight for you. You can also "pay" to get a new "hand" of heroes to buy from. If you own a triplicated hero, they will upgrade into a higher level hero instead. Your team of heroes fights the enemy team's heroes and the winner does damage to the loser based on the number of heroes alive at the end.

The objective of the game is to beat your 6 opponents (you are the 7th player) by constantly upgrading your heroes and strategically working against your opponent. You always have sight of what your opponent is doing, so you can plan ahead accordingly.

When you deploy your heroes to fight, there is a percentage bar on the side. That percentage bar will go down if your heroes die and you lose the game if it hits 0%. This game mode is nothing like actual chess. The only thing that it has in common with chess is a turn-based system.

Endless Dream has a pretty solid video with gameplay and explanation if you would like to see more.

Published 15 Jan 2019, 00:08 IST
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