Dota 2 esports: Twitter banter between OG and Team Secret leaves Ceb and Midormeepo engaged in a personal feud

Ceb (Screengrab from Dota 2 True Sight TI8)
Ceb (Screengrab from Dota 2 True Sight TI8)

The Dota 2 community is witnessing Twitter drama unfolding between OG’s Sébastien "Ceb" Debs and Team Secret’s Twitter handler, following memes shared by the latter, which turned out to be quite offensive to Ceb and his team, OG.

Midormeepo, whom most people know from his YouTube Dota 2 content, manages Team Secret’s Twitter account. Some memes were posted from Team Secret’s Twitter account following OG’s loss to Team Liquid in the Dota Pro Circuit match in DreamLeague Season 15 Western Europe Upper division.

The loss meant OG’s only remaining way of qualifying for The International 10 is through the uncertain paths of the TI Open qualifiers. Quite naturally, the memes shared by Team Secret's Twitter rubbed salt into OG’s wounds, and especially did not sit well with Ceb.

Ceb’s spat with Midormeepo storms Dota 2 community

Following the memes posted on Team Secret’s Twitter account yesterday after OG’s loss, Ceb sent some texts to Midormeepo. Midormeepo initially posted a screenshot of the first two messages from the slew of texts Ceb sent.

Ceb responded to the screenshot by posting the remaining part of the texts that he sent to Midormeepo. The texts were in French. However, Ceb added the English translation in the Twitter thread.

The last two messages, among a slew of messages from Ceb, made his point clear.

“I have nothing against bashing, provoking, it’s all fair game. But there should be limits and ethics to things. We might all not have the same, but I can only assume we all have a little bit of it, and that counts for you too”

Midormeepo later posted the entirety of the chat log in a screenshot, with the English translation side-by-side.

After this, Ceb posted about how he introduced Midormeepo to the Dota 2 esports scene, which Midormeepo immediately denied.

Usually, Dota 2’s esports teams only have friendly banter on Twitter. But this is one rare occasion where the Twitter drama has come down to a personal spat between two reputed personalities.

The fine line between friendly banter and personal attacks need to not be crossed in order to keep the esports community civil and sportsmanlike.

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