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Dota 2 Guide: Best Carry Heroes of Patch 7.22b

  • Which carry to pick to win more MMR?
Anuj Gupta
Modified 07 Jun 2019, 17:21 IST

Image Courtesy: ESTNN website
Image Courtesy: ESTNN website

Valve released the most anticipated and major Dota 2 update of patch 7.22 a few weeks ago. They followed the major game update by a balancing patch v7.22b on 27 May 2019. While there is a lot of hype and discussion about the scepter bonuses for remaining heroes and how Drow Ranger a totally broken hero of the last patch 7.21 has fared, people have noticed some heroes coming into the limelight.

Every major patch brings new things to the table and changes how the game is being played. The 7.22 patch shuffled a lot of things with heroes and re-balanced some items, setting a trend or meta as they call it. Here we will talk about carry heroes who have an advantage based on the changes in patch 7.22 and 7.22b. Some of these heroes have been great in the recent tournaments having a significantly positive win rate.

#1 Sven

Image Courtesy: Red Bull website
Image Courtesy: Red Bull website

Sven has a really great potential in this patch, he is versatile and can farm quickly, which are two of the most important traits a carry should have. Additionally, Sven is tanky and not squishy like some of the other safelane cores. He can survive the early game, soaking tons of damage and enabling other heroes of his team too. He also has a reliable stun with Storm Hammer and a movement speed and shield buff for him and his allies with Warcry.

Sven clears waves quickly with his cleave and can farm the jungle faster naturally. Since the farm triangle of the jungle was not nerfed, Sven has even more advantage to flash-farm. He can also push and teamfight from very early to late game. Thanks to his ultimate ability and warcry, Sven can also take Roshan and can do that fairly early in the game. The meta depends a lot on teamfighting cores and Sven is a perfect example of that.

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Published 07 Jun 2019, 17:21 IST
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