Dota 2 Guide: Dota 2 Best Offlaners of Patch 7.22d

Image Courtesy: Jllsly website
Image Courtesy: Jllsly website
Anuj Gupta

Dota 2 is closing in on its biggest tournament of the year, The International. It is natural for Valve to tweak some changes here and there to make the game balanced before the competition begins. The company has done exactly that by releasing a minor patch v7.22d on 30 June 2019, after the EPICENTER Major ended. Although there were not many major changes in the patch, some were really interesting and have had a significant impact on the heroes of the game.

Offlane is going to be a very important position in this patch. The meta provides versatility to play both solo and dual offlane. We will discuss some of the best heroes one can play to win games in this patch.

#1 Phoenix

Image Courtesy: 7wallpapers website
Image Courtesy: 7wallpapers website

Phoenix was not buffed in any way in the recent patch v7.22d. However, the hero was buffed in 7.22c and was getting into the meta since the 7.22 major update. The reason why this hero is so good is simple, it scales really well in the late game and has ample impact in the early game from the laning stage to the 10-15 minute mark. Phoenix has an amazing talent tree which is one of the most useful talent trees in the game. There is the +90 gold talent at level 10 which gives significant amount of gold to the hero, then there is +40 Fire Spirits Damage Per Second(DPS) at level 15, which is insane damage and has no cast point time. Phoenix also has great level 20 and 25 talents which are game dependent and flexible. Phoenix has an amazing Scepter ability which enables the hero to Sun-Ray from the Supernova egg. Additionally you can also save a teammate with your Supernova, this goes to show how useful the spell is.

For item choices, a Hand Of Midas is a very important item on Phoenix, as the hero is level dependent. Other early game items include an Urn of Shadows into Spirit Vessel and Veil of Discord. You can then go into making Scepter and other late game situational items like Shivas, Refresher or Hex.

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