Dota 2 Guide: Dota 2 Best Offlaners of Patch 7.22d

Anuj Gupta

#2 Night Stalker

Image Courtesy: Steam Community website
Image Courtesy: Steam Community website

Night Stalker is probably the most annoying hero to face at the moment, especially if your team has heroes with great escape. Night Stalker was strong from the very early game, however he used to fall off as a late game hero but that is not the case right now. The hero is overpowered to some extent considering how he has an AOE silence with Crippling Fear which cannot be dispelled and lasts eight seconds at night time. The hero's talent tree grants him good benefits and late game potential.

Item choice for Night Stalker are pretty straightforward. You make Phase Boots, couple of Bracers to soak in some magic damage and be tanky early in the game. You can then proceed to make a Radiance, Abyssal Blade and Nullifier for the late game. A BKB and Blink Dagger pickup in the mid game is always handy for this hero. Other situational items include Solar Crest, Heaven's Halberd and Heart or Assault Cuirass. Whatever items you make keep in mind that Nullifier coupled with Crippling Fear can permanently disable a hero for a good amount of time, this is one of the most advantageous item builds for the late game.

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