Dota 2 Guide: Dota 2 Best Offlaners of Patch 7.22d

Anuj Gupta

#3 Tide Hunter

Image Courtesy: Dota 2 Daily website
Image Courtesy: Dota 2 Daily website

Tide is an ideal offlane hero, he is tanky and can dish out tons of damage. Tide was always a great hero for his AOE ultimate ability which can stun multiple enemies and set up kills really nicely for teammates. However, the change to his ability Anchor Smash has done wonders for the hero. He now scales pretty well in the late game considering that Anchor Smash does damage based on Tide’s attack damage, it also uses all attack modifying items like Desolator's minus armour or Skadi’s slow.

Item build on the hero is Phase Boots, Soul Ring for mana and bracers for early game. Mid game should see Tide with Blink Dagger, strength items which increase his damage adding to Anchor Smash or maybe strict damage items like Daedalus, Desolator and Radiance could also be good item choices. There can be many other situational items like Shivas, Helbert or Refresher.

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