Dota 2 News: Dota Auto Chess new update brings two new heroes and ton of changes

Image courtesy: Sportskeeda website
Image courtesy: Sportskeeda website

Dota Auto Chess has been the best custom game of the online competitive Battle Arena Dota 2. The game made by Drodo Studio, a Chinese game developer company recently reached about eight million subscribers on the steam workshop which goes to show how popular and entertaining the game has become.

The developers introduced a new patch to the custom game this Monday which has added two new heroes and changed a lot about the game.

The patch has added Dazzle and IO as two new heroes in the strategy custom game. Both these heroes are very familiar faces to Dota 2 players. Dazzle is Troll Priest and IO is a Legendary unit.

Image courtesy: Polygon website
Image courtesy: Polygon website

Among the new changes, the developers have reworked the Knight’s Divine Protection, making it less powerful in the early game. The game now has an easier way to scout other player and their hero compositions. Instead of hovering your mouse all over the map, the players can now see all the other player's details in a scoreboard which can be pulled from the side of the interface. This change will have a very positive impact on players who lose a lot of time scouting other players for making targeted drafts to defeat them.

Some other major changes include changes in UI, rework to Blademail, Lich removed from piece pool for reworking. A new season will begin on 1 May 2019.

Dota Auto Chess has become so famous that it is streamed by famous players and has a lot of viewers. The game has also entered the competitive scene, with tournaments taking place in many places, some of them are by big organisers bringing a lot of attention. However, Drodo Studio has been very quiet about their future plans for the game and only time will tell how they curve the future with this path-breaking new creation.

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