Dota 2 News: Team Secret win the Chongqing Major

Team Secret claim their first major of the seaso
Team Secret claim their first major of the season

Team Secret, the European juggernaut beat their bitter rivals from the CIS region, Virtus Pro in a 3:1 victory to claim their first major of this season but also claiming $350,000 and 4,950 DPC Points.

Earlier today the European team beat Evil Geniuses 2:0 in the lower bracket finals and the show-match between the ex-Wings players against Team liquid, without Miracle, saw the Chinese squad win in an all random deathmatch mode, with both teams having players who had deep hero pools, the match was exciting for the audience who didn't have any of their home teams to support in either of the finals.

Series 1: Team Secret vs Evil Geniuses

The first match between these teams saw Secret getting hold of the Io Gyrocopter combination and beating EG by playing tempo game, which left the NA team without any farm for their cores and ending the after 33 minutes.

The second game of the series saw Secret drafting to play a similar fast-paced game and EG trying to draft with heroes who could counter the tempo of Secret.

Though both teams came of the laning phase at almost equal kills it was Secret who pulled ahead by playing around the cool-down timings of EG's heroes and closed the game within 28 minutes after a fight which saw the Terrorblade of EG being vacuumed to a cliff and isolated leaving the NA team without buybacks and calling gg.

This relegated EG to their signature third place spot with 2,100 DPC points and $100,000 in prize money to take away.

Series 2: Team Secret vs Virtus Pro

The first game of the series saw Secret come out with a fast-paced strategy and closed the game within 21 minutes on the back of a 7/0/7 performance by their carry Nisha on his Phantom Lancer.

While everybody thought that the first game was uncharacteristically short, Secret drafted a 5 core lineup, with a position 4 Luna and position 5 Sven, for the second game resulting in a 17-minute game shocking the fans, casters and the analyst.

With their backs against the ropes, VP drafted a Phantom Lancer while Secret drafted the last pick Visage to push towers, with an aim to finish the game quickly. Secrets strategy worked well initially with them finishing the bottom lane of barracks by 15 minutes.

But VP hung onto the game and the next 15 to 20 minutes saw both the teams punishing their opponents overextension and VP finally closed out the game after 40 minutes with an unkillable PL.

Not letting the previous games loss affecting them too much, Secret got hold of an Io for Yapzor and with the Io's global presence, good decision making from Zai on his Puck and a Phantom Assasin on Nisha, the European team closed out the game by 31 minutes, thus getting revenge for their loss in the previous majors finals.

VP will take home 3,000 DPC points and $170,000 and are currently tied with Secret in the DPC ranking with both teams on 7950 points, which will mathematically guarantee both of them a spot in TI9.

Edited by Alan John
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