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DOTA 2 News: True Sight World Premier is coming soon and here is the Teaser Trailer

237   //    26 Dec 2018, 22:02 IST

True Sight: A Series by Valve
True Sight: A Series by Valve

One of the best things about the Pro Dota2 scene is the True Sight. In the game, True Sight helps you to see things that you can’t see with your eyes and Valve just decided to give us that true sight in real life. Before we have watched a lot of true sight episodes and it was one of the best things that Valve gave to the community.

The new True Sight is coming soon and the teaser trailer is already out. We all wanted True Sight for The International 2018 and now the wish has been granted. Honestly, It is a good time to be a Dota2 fan. I never believed in Santa but I do believe in Gabe Newell now. New rank season, Frosthaven, Rubick Arcana and now True Sight. Best December Ever.

Team OG stunned the world when they snatched The International 2018 championship from PSG.LGD. When the tournament started LGD was one of the most favorites to win the tournament and if I am not wrong Virtus.Pro was the other favorite this year. OG was nowhere in the favorite list, with drastic roster changes they were pretty messed up at that time.

But N0tail proved us all wrong as they won the Best of 5 finals against PSG.LGD. One of the best finals in the history of dota2 and one of the most thrilling comebacks in the history of The International. We have all watched the nail-biting series and now it’s time to start our journey behind the scene. We have witnessed the stunning clash, it’s time to witness the real story of how OG managed to come back.

Here is the teaser trailer:

Join OG and a theatre audience on January 15, 2019, to catch the world premiere of True Sight — The International 2018, coming to you live from the Nordisk Film Cinema Palads in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The broadcast will begin at 8:00 PM CEST. The show will begin with a Q&A session with the attendees and the champions – Kaci and PyrionFlax will host the Q&A. Ticket to join OG in the live premiere at Copenhagen will be available from December 25th.

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