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Dota 2 News: v7.22e Patch Notes Revealed

Tarun Sayal
48   //    17 Jul 2019, 16:09 IST


Dota 2 one of the most famous E-sports game has recently received a patch update. After the release of 7.22d update, a lot of amendments has been made in the Hero statistics. But in this, one of the most crucial hero "Morph" has received a massive nerf. Apart from this, in this patch bunch of adjustments has also been made to other heroes, which made the gameplay even more balanced. So without further ado, here is the list of Patch Notes of Dota 2 Update 7.22e.

Patch Notes of Dota 2 v7.22e


  • Low ground and debuff chance miss is now Pseudo Random


  • Maelstrom lighting chain damage reduced to 150 from 160
  • Stout Shield will no longer stack


  • Curse of Avernus initial debuff time increased to 5 from 4 seconds
  • Ancient Apparition reduced from 290 to 285
  • Level 15 Talent of BeastMaster reduced from +40 Boar Damage to +35
  • Blood Rite cooldown reduced from 18/16/14/12 to 12
  • Base Damage of Bounty Hunter increased from 13 to 22/19/16/13.
  • The base damage of Hen reduced by 4.
  • Ion Shell damage reduced from 30/50/70/90 to 24/46/68/90
  • Soulbond will no longer reduce movement speed by 10%
  • Base Intelligence of lich increased by 2.
  • Base intelligence of Lychan increased by 2 and base strength increased by 1
  • Base armor of Morphling reduced by 1
  • Movement Speed of Oracle reduced from 300 to 295
  • The attack range of SkyWrath Mage risen from 600 to 625
  • Skeleton health of Wraith King reduced from 250 to 175

So these are the main patch notes of Dota 2 Update 7.22e. To read full patch notes, Click Here.

But as mentioned earlier in this article about Morphling about his vast nerf. The base armor will eventually get reduced by one, which will become difficult for him to survive long in fights and his fifth skill, Morph will no longer reduce the cooldown by 35% rate. Other heroes like Visage and Luna got some buffs and nerfs respectively.

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