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Dota 2 News: Virtus Pro fire entire social media team over meme fail

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Virtus Pro Dota2 Player: Ramzes666
Virtus Pro Dota2 Player: Ramzes666

How many times in Pro Dota 2 Circuit we have seen “humour gone wrong”? A few times. The recent incident happened when nobody expected it. Virtus Pro terminated its relationship with “every individual who has been managing Virtus. Pro social media. The reason behind the whole drama is a tweet that contains inappropriate sexual humour.

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It’s pretty ironic but at the same time, Dota 2 pro scene do not tolerate hate-speech or racial insults (inappropriate sexual humour to be added in the list now). While Dota 2 is infamous for having a very toxic community, the professional scene is as professional as it gets and like any other corporate company, Valve does not allow any kind of hate speech, racial or sexist insult.

The infamous meme
The infamous meme

Virtus Pro just proved that they do not allow any kind of unprofessional behaviour when it comes to their organization. The company fired their entire social media team over a tweet that contains an image of its Dota2 team standing behind an anonymous woman that asked, “Who’s gonna ‘ride’ the Mercedes this year?”

Virtus Pro general manager Roman Dvoryankin took to Twitter to apologise to the community. Here's the tweet:

With more follow up tweets Roman Dvoryankin explained that the sexism and inappropriate humour was not the only problem. Virtus Pro also had issues with the disrespectful attitude towards the sponsor of the tournament. As we all know, Mercedes-Benz is an ESL sponsor and they award cars to the tournament MVPs. The meme contained the Mercedes logo but if you have a meme knowledge you know the reference indicated a different kind of “ride”.

Virtus Pro is a very well-established name not just in the Dota2 Pro scene but in Esports in general. They have active teams playing in Dota2, CS:Go, Fortnite and Paladin tournaments.

We remember “2GD” getting fired over his inappropriate humour. His silly wordplays like “can’s and cu#t’s” and other humorous behaviour had him fired from Valve following with a statement from the owner of the Valve, Gabe Newell as he called 2GD an A#s. This time, a meme fail got VP’s entire social media team fired.

We still don’t know how VP will continue to handle their social media or how will they manage things in the future but one thing is clear, Virtus Pro has their strict policy against hate speech and sexism and they will never allow such behaviour.

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