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DOTA 2: Top 5 Custom Games You Should Play To Improve Your Skills

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Queen of Pain
Queen of Pain

Customs Games and DotA has always been together as far as I remember. Even Modded Maps in Dota1 was fun to play. A lot of people asked me about the purpose of playing custom games. There are 2 reasons why should play Custom games. The reason obviously is to have fun, if you are tired to grind your MMR but not tired enough and want to play some Dota, go to custom games. Custom games have nothing to do with your MMR or Skill bracket, it does not affect your gameplay either. It is purely here to give you some laugh (Unless you are that guy who likes to be a "TRYHARD" even in Turbo or custom). Another reason to play custom games is to improve your skill. Custom games are nothing like your regular normal games or ranked games yet you get the opportunity to use the DotA2 heroes and items in a different way. It's like exploring totally new games while you are familiar with the characters.

Does Custom Games help you improve your skill? They certainly do. Try "Pure Reflex" and let me know if it helps with your reflex and reaction time or not.

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#1 Overthrow


In the early stages when Custom Games were still evolving, Overthrow served as the path-finder and it probably still does. Overthrow has a massive player base and it is one of the most played Custom Mode in Dota2. Pudge Wars is probably the second most played Custom Game in Dota2.

All heroes and items are available in Overthrow and they are in their normal state except for little changes to keep the game balanced. But just like any other games, you'd like to play Overthrow in a party because you don't want someone to feed and then disconnect. It is like a battle royale of Dota2 as you fight to snatch the coins or item drops. You're free to slay anyone that is not in your team. Want to play battle royale with Dota2 heroes and items? Install Overthrow today.

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