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DOTA 2: Top 5 fun heroes and roles to try in Patch 7.21

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This is not a statistically proved overpowered Hero list. If you want a list of heroes that's going to help you win MMR then here is what you need - Top 10 Winners of Patch 7.21

Today we will talk about a few heroes that you can try and see for yourself if you want to use them in Ranked Games or not. These are just heroes that were announced "NERFED". Can you still use them? Well, the idea can be shared and you might want to try them in Normal Match before picking them up in a Ranked game.

Let's Jump straight to the first hero.

#1 Mid-Lane Life Stealer

Life stealer is now actually good as a Mid-Lane. The recent movement speed and armour buff indeed strengthened him up a little and he can actually now avoid a lot of right-clicking harass or even get aggressive with support.

He has life-stealing abilities so he can even sustain easily in the lane and go back and farm some camp when the lane is pushed. This way he can really out-farm and out-level the enemies in the early stage and make some moves. Not to mention, he has in-built BKB as well.

The movement speed and the armour is not a huge buff but for a hero like Life-Stealer, it makes all the difference. He used to have a bad laning phase against certain heroes, now he will face less harass and avoid a lot of lane harass. He can even close the gap pretty quickly.

For items, we are not going to go too deep. Because of the movement speed buff, the right click build is obviously better. You can go for phase-boots which will allow you to chase your enemies down and also it is great for trading hits.

After the Phase, you might want to pick up a couple of bracers. For damage items, you can make Armlet and Desolator. Assault Cuirass is one of my favourite items in the game and it is great with Life-Stealer.

You get extra attack speed, more armour and crease more armour of your enemy and you know how much destruction that can cause combined with the huge movement speed and right click damage.

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