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Dota 2 Update: Best Dota 2 Heroes of Patch 7.22c

Anuj Gupta
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:25 IST

Image Courtesy: Inverse website
Image Courtesy: Inverse website

The major Dota 2 update of patch v7.22 rolled out on 24 May 2019. It introduced new scepter bonuses for the remaining heroes and a series of other changes which has shifted the meta of the game. However, like every other major game update, patch v7.22 was not perfect and Valve rolled out patch v7.22b to address those.

Recently, Valve released a third game update of patch v7.22c which introduced some item and hero changes. While there was only one item which was buffed, the hero changes were really significant. The developers really gave little buffs to already decent heroes which will make them a really strong option in this patch. Some heroes might be completely overpowered because of the slight changes made to them. We will discuss some of those heroes who are really strong and can win you tons of MMR with the right knowledge about them.

#1 Clinkz

Image Courtesy: DeviantArt website
Image Courtesy: DeviantArt website

Clinkz is one hero IceFrog kept buffing throughout the previous patches. The agility core had a rework of his ultimate skill, but was not a very viable option. However, with the recent changes Clinkz can be a very good Offlaner and work brilliantly in mid as well. The level 10 talent of +10 strength gives Clinkz much needed HP boost, making him more tanky and harder to kill.

Previously, Clinkz became tanky by eating creeps using his ultimate, but after the rework the hero fell off in terms of survivability. This talent fills that gap perfectly. The reduced cooldown of Burning Army also helps in making him viable for frequents fights. The hero was already good in the laning stages because of the changes in the previous patch buffing his use of Searing Arrows by reducing the mana cost. The Scepter bonus gives Clinkz even more damage potential because it spawns two skeletons around him every time he Skeleton Walks.

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Published 12 Jun 2019, 12:01 IST
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