Dota Underlords: Get 3 free keys by logging into the Dota 2 Client

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Dota Underlords was recently announced by Valve as their standalone version of the popular arcade game Auto Chess. Auto Chess in Dota 2 saw a huge spike in players, one the game has not seen for a long time.

The popularity of Auto Chess prompted Valve to develop their own version of it. The Dota 2 spin spin-offCollectible Card Game Artifact was a catastrophic failure and saw a steady decline in the number of players. But maybe they can get it right with Dota Underlords.

Dota Underlords will be in private preview later this week. A date has not been confirmed but if you own The International Battle Pass for 2019, you can get 3 free codes or "CD Keys" by just logging into the Dota 2 client.

Not only do you get a CD Key for yourself, but you can also give it to two of your other pals who may not have the Battle Pass. If you still want a key and don't own the Battle Pass, you can try your luck in Reddit's Underlords Key Begging Thread.

Underlords is a much more polished game compared to the arcade game in the Dota 2 client. The UI is frankly, quite incredible. Valve is also being much more transparent and interactive with fans as we approach the release of the game.

Developers Drodo has also made a standalone mobile app of Auto Chess. It doesn't have any of the Dota 2 characters and uses their own models. It seems they want to capture the mobile market before anyone else does.

Valve will make the game free to play once the open beta is live. It could be a while but let's hope this Dota 2 spinoff game sticks around and isn't too greedy when it comes to gameplay mechanics and being good at the game. Stick to the cosmetics formula, Valve!

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