DOTA Underlords: Valve's own official clone of DOTA 2 Auto Chess


DOTA 2 Auto Chess is the most popular mod ever created. After release, the mod did not only break all records, but went on to collect over 6 million subscribers in a couple of months. Soon the game was making headlines for various reasons when Valve stepped in offering Drodo Studio - creators of Auto Chess - full development support.

Valve has a long history of turning super popular mods into even more popular games. Be it Counter-Strike 1.6 or DOTA2 itself. Valve took the popular Warcraft 3 map and turned into today's Esports giant - DOTA 2. And this time Valve decided to take up on this mod map of DOTA2.

Lets fast forward a few months. We already know Drodo decided to make Auto Chess a standalone game but we didn't expect to be a mobile game.

Valve, however, did what the fans wanted at the same time they did not flush out the mobile gaming community. Valve take on the Auto Chess mod is called DOTA Underlords. This standalone game will be released on Android, PC, and IOS. The game is exactly like auto chess, even the number of opponents is the same. 8 players will be playing the game just like the original version.

Underlords has been available as a "friends and family" beta and now Valve is rolling it out to Battle Pass owners. The servers will be under test before they roll out the open beta for everyone. Battle pass owners can add the game to their Steam library from the DOTA2 in-game screen.

According to Valve, the open beta will allow players to do things like playing online against 7 other players in a regular game. The open beta will also allow you to play against the advanced bots, you can choose the difficulty from Easy to Hardcore. You'll also be able to party up and play against the bots together.

The game will have separately ranked matchmaking. So you can play ranked only when you want to rank up and rest of the time you can practice your new moves in the normal matchmaking pool.

Underlords will allow cross-platform matchmaking. Which is kind of cool. You don't need to sit in front of your computer all day to play with your friends. The original game by Drodo studio is now an Epic Games store exclusive.

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