Dota2: 3 Most Broken Heroes in Patch 7.20

Patch 7.20
Patch 7.20
Rounak "FL45H666" Roy

What scares us the most when it comes to patch changes in Dota2? Nerfs and buffs. We all know how it feels when Icefrog decides to nerf our main hero or buff some heroes that wreck the heroes we play. But what can be worse? Broken heroes. Heroes that are so buffed that everyone can pick the hero and win a match is worse. Remember the OD patch? As a midlaner, I hated playing Midlane against OD in my 90% of solo ranked games. Remember the green patch of Necrophos, Pugna? Yeah, we all were happy when they were pushed out of the meta. Every patch comes with this nightmare of dealing with broken heroes and 7.20 is no different.

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I decided to make a list of 5 most broken heroes in the Patch 7.20 and here are they:

#3 Lich


When I first analyzed the patch I did realize Lich is going to be the list but what I did not realize was Lich is going to be the 5th. But trust me the number of broken heroes Dota2 has right now is unbelievable.

My first argument why Lich is broken? He is being used a lot, and I mean a lot in the top MMR games. People are picking Lich right and left and grinding their MMR with it. The top players thinking its a broken hero clearly is a decent evidence that Lich is a broken hero.

Here’s why mechanically Lich is so damn strong right now, because after they changed the way how experience and gold works, now if you kill people in laning phase it gets you stronger. It’s like if you die in the lane one or two times and you come back to the lane, all of a sudden you are level 4 and your enemy is level 7. In the previous patches if you died early you would actually have a better chance to win the lane because you would come back in the lane with more regen items and the enemy gets pretty much nothing for killing you and wasting their regen as well because of constant trading. Kill do matter right now in this patch. In early patches, nobody cared about a few lane-kills here and there, they were more focused on keeping you alive and not letting your farm. Now if you die, you lose the lane.

All Lich need is the sacrifice. He just sits in the lane, he stalls the lane, he keeps the creep wave near to your tower and plays defensive. And slowly he is using that mana to nuke you and win the lane. But that is what old Lich used to do. Laning is not about slowly and surely anymore. If that was the case old Lich would be better. But now laning is about destroying your enemies in the lane, killing them and running a bulldozer over their dead bodies.

For how the meta is shaping up right now, this Lich is insane. We have “Frost Shield” instead of Ice Armor which puts a damage reduction shield around your ally and pulsates damage out to damage and slow your enemy. It’s dealing 120 damage at level 1 which is way too much plus it also reducing 60% damage at the max level which is insane. Centaur ultimate did 60% damage reduction with aghs and everyone was complaining as it was way too much raw damage reduction. Lich doesn’t even need an aghanim for that. This is really insane. Because it’s not even just the armor anymore, it’s simply 60% raw damage reduction.

Sinister Gaze? Really? This is more of a fear mechanic but fear normally makes you run towards your base but sinister gaze is making you run towards Lich. You can use this for so many things and combos like pulling people into Crystal maiden’s ultimate and then use your ultimate. Lich can do so much in a gank now where the previous Lich did nothing compared to this.

Lich was only slightly balanced because he had no controls. I mean this support does so many things, he can nuke, slow, give you armor and that was the reason he was still being picked even though he had no stuns or control and now all of that with a stun (Sinister gaze) or a tp cancel and he is able to control heroes is just massive.

#2 Luna


What they changed about Luna is actually very very simple, Lunar Blessing instead of giving raw damage to allies it gives whatever your primary attribute is. So basically if you are a luna and you are walking beside a Sand King you are giving him 26 extra strength, if you are beside a juggernaut you are giving him 26 agility which is giving him extra damage.

The reason why I think this is broken is that primary attributes give you a lot more than just raw damage does. If you are a strength hero you get the extra health, if you are an agility hero you get the extra attack speed and movement speed, if you are int hero you get extra intelligence and magic amplification, you get the mana, you get the mana regen, you get the damage. Raw damage is just raw damage but this is basically boosting your stat up and you do get the damage too because of the stats. Also because of this, the aura range was changed. In Dota2 the aura range previously was 900 but now it is 1200. So if you have a Luna in the team, your entire team is getting +26 primary attribute in the gank, more agility, more health, more mana regen, more hp regen, more damage. Is not that a lot compared to just some raw damage? Now that’s just her ability, if you add her talent she is straight out giving everyone +40 primary attribute which is insane. Why? Let’s just compare something, Heart is the highest strength item in the game and it gives you 45 strength. Luna by standing beside you giving you 40 strength. That is not broken? Butterfly gives 35 agility, Luna giving out more agility than a butterfly. Still not broken? This hero is just a damage dealing, walking, farming free expensive item that everyone can share and use to their own benefit.

#1 Slark


Slark is another insanely broken hero right now mainly because of 2 reasons. The first one is if Slark kills someone while they are under the effect of essence shift slark will permanently steal one agility. Considering the fact that essence shift stays for 15 seconds at level 1, people are always under the effect of essence shift and you are always gaining agility while they die. He now is basically another silencer. So anytime you get a kill you are going to get a ton of free agility just like silencer gains a ton of free intelligence. The only difference is Silencer, however, is a support hero and is always depending on the team while Slark is a pain in the late game and can solo kill pretty much any hero and an absolute walking breathing problem to kill. With the agility, he gets armor, attack speed, movement speed and he get all this after already having all his carry potential.

The 2nd thing that is making him even more broken is that now Pounce applies a leash mechanism in Dota2. "Leash" is a new mechanism that has been added to Dota2 with this patch. Leash won’t let you teleport, you can’t move, you can’t TP out, you can't use any item movement wise. You can’t even phase shift anymore, so if Slark jumps on Puck, Puck can’t even phase shift anymore. This is incredibly broken and insane.

And the way Dota works right now with the gold and experience advantage it is the golden chance for Slark because he is a hero who is infamous for getting solo kills. So now when you solo kill with a slark you are getting a ton of experience and gold plus you are stealing 1 agility permanently. If you are hunting an agility core, he is losing agility, attack speed, and damage permanently for the rest of the game and that is insanely stupid and not okay.

If you are a carry player, master your slark skills and get some free MMR. This is your chance.

Edited by Pratyay Ghosh


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