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Dota 2 Counter Picks: Ultimate Guide to Counter Heroes

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Dota 2 is the most complicated MOBA ever created. Playing the game for years doesn’t really make it less complicated, it rather makes it even difficult for you because now you know that it’s not only about picking Sniper and right-clicking or getting kills will not you win you the game. If you are reading this chances are you are not anymore a new player, most probably you are someone who is pissed off after losing your last 7 ranked game constantly to a PA picker or Spectre spammers. You've probably even whined on the internet about how every time your opponent picks Phantom Assassin you lose the game yet when your teammate picks Phantom Assassin it dies quickly, that’s probably because your team’s PA was countered heavily.

A lot of people will tell you that countering heroes does not matter, only how good you are that matters the most. Don’t listen to them and waste your time learning one carry hero that you think going to make you Immortal from Crusader. At some point, you will be countered too and start losing games.

However, picking and counter picking depends on the skill bracket you are. Crusaders know how to counter a Drow Ranger but they don’t really know how to counter a Broodmother. This a basic guide to making you aware of the items and heroes that can counter heroes you face.

What is Counter Picking?

Counter picks are basically picking a hero that can counter a certain hero your enemy has picked. For an example, if your enemy has Phantom Lancer which is an illusion based hero, you counter him by picking Earthshaker. Phantom lancer is a hero that heavily depends on the illusion. Phantom Lancer doesn’t really do a lot of damage with right clicks but he hurts the most with the Mana-burn from his Diffusal Blade and his elusive illusions make it hard to identify the real hero and kill him. As a result, he survives for a long time in the gank and kills his enemies with the help of his teammates.

Now, if you are a Drow Ranger you can never win a one on one battle against a Phantom Lancer. Drow is mostly good for dealing damage with her right clicks, if you don’t know which one is the real Lancer you can’t really do the damage to him plus PL’s 3rd skill makes it easier for him to reach a Drow which is basically the worst case scenario for Drow Ranger, we will talk about that later. So why and how earth shaker? Well, Earthshaker’s ultimate is an AOE spell. AOE stands for Area of Effect. It basically deals damage to an area instead of a single target. But how does that counter Phantom Lancer you may ask?

If you read Earthshaker’s ultimate you’d know the damage is amplified with more enemy units. The more enemy units get hit by the ultimate the more damage it deals. So if you jump on a hero with Earthshaker in the middle of nowhere, chances are it will do minimal damage but now imagine a Phantom Lancer farming with his 20 illusions around him. One Echoslam and he will be below 30% of his HP with all his illusions dead, now a totem and fissure to finish him off. That’s a solo kill pretty much. Now imagine the same PL with his 20 illusion and his 4 teammates standing near him pushing your tower together and you just Blink in and hit them with your Echoslam, yeah right with a proper follow up from your team that’s a wipeout. That is what counter picking is. Picking a hero to counter a certain hero or say a certain line-up of your enemies. I decided to make a list for the new players mentioning the counter picks and the items to counter certain heroes.

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