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Dr Disrespect faces off against Snoop Dogg in an epic Madden NFL 21 crossover

Snoop Dogg and Dr Disrespect recently collaborated for a memorable crossover
Snoop Dogg and Dr Disrespect recently collaborated for a memorable crossover
Modified 11 Sep 2020, 17:48 IST

So far, 2020 has witnessed some unexpected and unprecedented crossovers. The latest one to be added to this list features two behemoths of their respective professions- Snoop Dogg and Dr Disrespect.

Yes, you read that correctly. The popular American rapper and the most dominating gaming specimen recently came together for a one-of-its-kind gaming stream, which left viewers wanting more.

The game in question was the recently-released Madden NFL 21, which has opened to mixed reviews:

What ensued was a memorable stream between two gigantic personas, who enthralled everyone who tuned in with their banter, jibes and gameplay skills.

Dr Disrespect vs Snoop Dogg

When you combine one of the most electrifying personas in streaming history and a super smooth rapper, you can expect fireworks of a whole new level.


That is precisely what happened when The Doc decided to stream alongside Snoop. The stream begins with Dr Disrespect stating that he hasn't played Madden since 1995, to which Snoop Dogg replies that The Doc still clearly has it in him:

"Look at how you look, you look like an avatar! Some sort of superhero! 6 foot 8? Ooh I'd love to have you as my big man , so when we finish this, we're gonna talk about some basketball man..have ourselves a celebrity game!"

Just before their game begins, Dr Disrespect states that he plans on throwing bombs, to which Snoop hilariously retorts that he's smoking bombs!

In a special treat for his fans, Snoop Dogg also breaks out into an impromptu rap:

"One for the trouble, two for the base, cmmon everybody, let's rock this place!"

Snoop Dogg then goes on to share a story about his experience with football:

"I played football as a kid, a little kid from age from like seven to about like 13 and then um I disconnected from football and then I was like 20 something years old , maybe 27-28 and we started a semi-pro football league.
"I played 10 games in that, I was fully padded and we played against police department, all-star teams , it was a great experience for me cause it was like I was past my prime , but I was still able to play with some of the great guys who played football for my community."

On hearing this, Dr Disrespect shares his own 'unique' game-day ritual:

"Game day tradition, I wake up out of the waterbed, I stare at myself in the mirror for 45 minutes straight in the white robe ... then I make my way to the infinity pool , I don't know, take a couple of laps, grab a gin and tonic , kick the feet up and baby, baby enjoy the day!"

To this, Snoop gives a hilarious reply:

"My ritual was to you know, wake up, get fresh, roll around in the grass and go have a good time....Remember I'm a dog!"

Dr Disrespect also states that he loves to play Snoop Dog's music while cruising in his Lamborghini, as they go on to discuss Jean-Claude Van Damme's action movie, Bloodsport.

As the game ends 18-15 in Snoop Dogg's favour, Dr Disrespect gives his final verdict on the game:

"The depth of the game is nice, definitely much different than 1995 Madden!"

Check out some of the reactions to the Snoop Dogg x Dr Disrespect collaboration online:

Published 11 Sep 2020, 17:48 IST
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