Dr Disrespect reacts to 'Binod' on live stream

Dr Disrespect reacts to Binod (Image Credits: Dexerto)
Dr Disrespect reacts to Binod (Image Credits: Dexerto)

Dr Disrespect has officially made a return to streaming, and the comeback live stream was a sight to behold. After over half a day of streaming a looped clip, The Doc made an epic debut that the entire internet wanted a piece of; over 500k viewers joined in to experience the moment, blowing Fortnite pro Ninja’s record out of the water.

While most of what went down during the live stream was expected to a certain extent, what wasn’t expected was people spamming ‘Binod’ in the chat. The doctor seemed confused about the situation at first and exclaimed that he wanted someone to explain, “What the hell is this all about”.

So, what or who exactly is Binod?

For the uninitiated, ‘Binod’ is a common Indian name. We understand if the entire ordeal sounds hilarious, but that’s because its meant to be.

Dr Disrespect's live stream was swarmed with people spamming 'Binod' in the chat (Image Credits: YouTube / SlayPoint)
Dr Disrespect's live stream was swarmed with people spamming 'Binod' in the chat (Image Credits: YouTube / SlayPoint)

Binod is quite literally a meme that is taking the Indian communities by storm. The seemingly pointless trend started when a YouTube channel, ‘Slayy Point’, shared a video roasting people who drop meaningless and seemingly random comments under the videos.

While browsing through the comments in search of something to roast, the YouTuber came across one that said ‘Binod’, and what caught his attention was the fact that the account name was Binod as well, which essentially made this comment oddly amusing for many.

Dr Disrespect reacts to Binod, Pewdiepie dismisses it.

“By-Nod By-Nod, what the hell is By-nod,” the doctor yelled in a puzzled state. He followed up his question with another, wondering whether he should ban the word ‘Binod’ from his chat.

I am not getting anything from it, but at the same time I don’t want to dismiss a popular meme,” he added.

Watch: Dr Disrespect blasts his chat, demands that someone explain to him what 'Binod' is:


However, Dr Disrespect wasn’t the only streamer who fell victim to the ‘Binod’ trend. Popular content creator and YouTuber PewDiePie recently reacted to this meme when some people started spamming it on his chat.

WATCH: PewDiePie reacts to Binod


The Swedish streamer can be seen playing God of War when he notices people spamming Binod in the chat. PewDiePie quickly dismisses it as a Taiwanese slang and warns his chat that he isn’t going to have any of it.

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