Dr DisRespect takes a dig at mobile gaming, gets trolled by PUBG Mobile and other mobile pros

Dr DisRespect
Dr DisRespect's recent tweet has evoked strong reactions across the board
Rahul Bhushan

Dr DisRespect, the 2x, the most ruthless competitor in the history of competitive gaming, and the man with probably the most nicknames in the online gaming community, has never failed to grab headlines ever so frequently.

The outspoken streamer was at his usual braggadocious best when he tweeted out the sophistication and power of his desktop gaming setup. However, that wasn't the end of Dr DisRespect's tweet as he also went on to take a slight dig that cut deep with a growing section of the gaming community.

Dir DisRespect, amidst his desktop gaming flex, chose to put down mobile gaming as a legitimate form of competitive gaming. To combat his somewhat dismissive attitude towards mobile gaming, several prominent mobile esports pros and popular streamers showed up bearing their colors proudly.

Dr Disrespect takes a dig at mobile gaming, gets trolled by PUBG Mobile and other mobile pros

Dr DisRespect, for the better part of his career, has been a personality that has never shied away from controversy. Regardless of the kind of response he provokes, DisRespect always manages to keep himself in the public eye.

This time, however, several others in the gaming community haven't exactly taken well to his put-down of mobile gaming. This isn't exactly the first time Dr DisRespect has been critical of mobile gaming, having previously tweeted out that he doesn't consider mobile gamers as serious gamers.

He went on to apologize and called it a "spur of the moment thing" during a stream with popular Indian mobile game streamer Tanmay "Sc0ut" Singh. However, his latest tweet is anything but a spur of the moment thing and has evoked strong reactions across the board.

However, Dr DisRespect fans were also quick to come to his aid and stand in support of his statement.

It is almost a given at this point that any opinion on the internet will be met with strong opposition and support at the same time. However, Dr DisRespect's tweet seemed to have also spurred conversations in regards to the economics involved with gaming.

As to afford a $2000 PC setup simply isn't going to a reality for a majority of the gaming community.

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