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Dragon Ball Xenoverse to give away free Dragon Balls over next month

Dragon Ball Xenoverse to give away free Dragon Balls over next month

News 20 Mar 2015, 12:02 IST
Dragon Ball Xenoverse

A DLC in the form of a GT pack is all set to be released for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, which has been out for less than a month. However, this would cost you some money, the team behind Dragon Ball Xenoverse has revealed through the game’s official Facebook page that they are giving away some in-game gifts over the next month for anyone playing.

If you have signed onto Dragon Ball Xenoverse servers since yesterday, you would have received the message that a gift was waiting for you at the Time Space Delivery area of Toki Toki City. The prerequisite to be able to get the gift is to have completed the “Return of the Saiyans Saga.” This would not be a problem for many as this chapter is found very early in the game. 

You will be given the four-star Dragon Ball once you reach this location. That is not all, as they will be sending in the following in the weeks to come.

  1. March 20 – Two-Star Dragon Ball & Five-Star Dragon Ball
  2. March 27 – Three-Star Dragon Ball
  3. April 3 – Six-Star Dragon Ball
  4. April 10 – Seven-Star Dragon Ball
  5. April 17 – One-Star Dragon Ball

This clears it all up, as now you know for sure that you will have all the seven Dragon Balls by the end of the month and you can summon Shenron for a wish. There are a few gamers who already possess a Dragon Ball, in that case they will not be able to get the Dragon Ball by this method as it is not possible to hold more than one of each at a time.

The only details left out was whether you have to sign on within that specific week to collect each or if they will stack up at the Time Space Delivery station. No matter what, if you continue to sign in daily, you will be rewarded with the Dragon Balls and do not forget to sign in now for your four-star Dragon Ball.

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