Dragon's Dogma 2 update brings changes to storage: Full patch notes, update size, and more

Dragon's Dogma 2's latst title update is now live on all platforms (Image via Capcom)

Dragon's Dogma 2's latest update is now live, addressing some minor visual bugs, storage-related issues, and other miscellaneous issues with the pawns system. While received quite favorably by both players and critics alike, Dragon's Dogma 2 wasn't without its fair share of controversy and launch issues, some of which still plague the game to date.

Among the numerous issues reported by players were the performance-related problems, present in both the console as well as PC versions of Dragon's Dogma 2. While the game did receive quite a few updates since its release, none of them addressed the performance issues that players have been facing.

Unfortunately, the latest update also doesn't address the performance woes of the game, instead, it's more focused on fixing other miscellaneous gameplay-related bugs. Here's a look at the official patch notes for Dragon's Dogma 2's latest update.

Dragon's Dogma 2 official patch notes (May 31, 2024)

The biggest new change introduced by the latest update is the upgrade to the number of items that can now be stored in the "storage," which is accessible via any of the player dwellings or Inns. Before this update, the storage was hard-capped at 1000 items, which can be easily filled up if you play multiple New Game+ cycles.

However, following the update, the storage limit is raised to 3000, which is the sweet spot for players who plan to do multiple New Game+ playthroughs, which is also necessary to get the Platinum trophy for the game. That being said, here are the official patch notes for Dragon's Dogma 2's latest update:

PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X|S / Steam (Windows PC)

  • Increasing the maximum number of items that can be put in the storage from 1000 to 3000.
  • Fixing issues in which "Bandit Eyepatch" and "Lordly Eyepatch" were not available.
  • Fixing the issue with progression in the Guardian Gigantus quest becomes impossible after playing the cinematic.
  • Fixing issues with Pawns' cosmetics appearing different in other players' worlds.
  • Fixing some additional issues where the Main Pawn speaks supports the Pawn’s dialogue.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Steam (Windows PC)

  • Adding DLSS FRAME-GENERATION to "Graphics" in Options.
  • Fixing issues where sometimes terrain wasn't displayed when using some graphics boards.

Apart from the storage-related change, another major new feature that's been added to the game is support for DLSS frame generation, which, while it doesn't help remedy the shoddy performance of the game for all players, does help those with Nvidia's RTX 4000-series GPUs.

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