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DreamHack Delhi 2019: All you need to know about PUBG Mobile's PAN Fest 

Published Dec 06, 2019
Dec 06, 2019 IST

DreamHack Delhi 2019 (Image: Nodwin)
DreamHack Delhi 2019 (Image: Nodwin)

DreamHack Delhi 2019 is underway at the Okhla NSIC grounds in New Delhi and will be spread over three days until December 8, 2019. PUBG Mobile has an exclusive arena for gamers to play the game in a custom room and win exciting prizes.

What is PUBG Mobile PAN Fest?

"#AreYouNxt?" is the core idea behind PUBG Mobile PAN Fest at DreamHack Delhi 2019. The massive LAN party aims at paving a way for PUBG Mobile players to become professional Esports athletes.

DreamHack Delhi 2019 (PC: Twitter)
DreamHack Delhi 2019 (PC: Twitter)

Satadru Bhowmik, Head of Mobile League Operations at Nodwin Gaming claimed that fan-favourite teams including SouL, Entity Gaming and IND were formed when their players met each other at DreamHack Mumbai 2018. He added that the PAN Fest is aiming at giving an opportunity for such interactions to gamers.

How does the PAN Fest work?

Gamers who are at DreamHack Delhi can hit the registration desk at the PAN Fest arena and sign up to play solo or in squads. A mobile phone, charger and a pair of earphones are pre-requisites to participate as the organizers will be providing contestants with just noise-cancelling headphones.

A series of thirty PUBG Mobile matches will be conducted over three days at DreamHack Delhi 2019. The organizers will alternate between solo and squad matches, summing up to fifteen in each category across maps Erangel and Sanhok.

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