DreamHack Delhi : The Indian cosplaying community is skyrocketing; Pros explain why

Cosplayers at DreamHack Delhi 2019
Cosplayers at DreamHack Delhi 2019
Modified 07 Dec 2019

DreamHack Delhi 2019 is happening at the Okhla NSIC grounds in New Delhi and the cosplayers at the event have just been stealing the show. DreamHack's cosplaying contest has a massive prize pool of ₹1.5 lakhs and the winner of each day will take home a prize money of ₹50,000.

The organizers of DreamHack Delhi had three cosplaying guests including Alyscesca, Cora Berry and Yamaki who are seasoned cosplayers with a decade-long experience in cosplaying. Here's a glimpse of our conversation with them.

How has cosplaying evolved over the past decade?

"Cosplaying has grown from a small hobby to this big global phenomenon where people not only express their fandom more ways than ever before but also have a such a large community to communicate with about that fandom. It's becoming a professional career as well" Cora Berry, a professional Australian cosplayer commented.

Is cosplaying a feasible career option?

"It would be a really cool career to have but it can be a very difficult career to get into. It requires a lot of time. You constantly have to churn out materials, costumes, watch tutorials. It can be something quite difficult but it is something you are eager to do, you should definitely give it a try" Yamaki, a professional South African cosplayer explained.

Alysesca at DreamHack Delhi 2019
Alysesca at DreamHack Delhi 2019

"Ten years ago, I didn't have access to things like 3D printing but nowadays it's more widespread and costumes are better," said Alysesca, a professional cosplayer from Australia

What are your thoughts on the cosplaying scene in India?

Cora Berry at DreamHack Delhi 2019
Cora Berry at DreamHack Delhi 2019

Cora, who was dressed as Azurafe from Fire Emblem said "The Indian Cosplaying community is incredibly supportive and innovative as well. The rest of the world has a lot more access to materials but India is a little more limited on that front. People get even more creative and it's amazing to see." She also added that she sources a lot of her fabric for costumes from India.

How has your experience in DreamHack been, thus far?

Yamaki who was dressed as a PUBG player for the day mentioned "The cosplayers are just amazing. First-timers who had never sewn anything rocked in their immaculately sewn outfits. There're people programming their LEDs and it's awesome!"

"It's completely different from judging at any other part of the world" The selfie culture is really strong here and it was a lot of fun" affirmed Cora Berry.

Published 07 Dec 2019, 15:24 IST
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