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Dreamhack Master Dallas: Team Liquid Wins the CS: GO Event defeating Team Ence

  • Team Liquid declared Dreamhack Masters Dallas.
Tarun Sayal
Modified 03 Jun 2019, 16:46 IST

Dreamhack Master Dallas Official CS:GO Grand Finale was held on 2nd June 2019. Team Liquid and Ence were the two best teams of the tournament and rightly, met each other in the finals. Here is the complete post match analysis:

Finale rules:-

  1. The Grand Finale was played on best of 3 Matches.
  2. A single match was of 30 rounds
  3. There was no Tie Situation. Overtime was enabled.


First Match:

Map: Mirage

The first map of the best of 3 rounds was Mirage. This match was easily won by Team Liquid. The final score for this Map is 16-8 in foavor of Team Liquid. In early round, NAF, the player from Team Liquid, contributed for his team to gain some rounds on scoreboards by taking entry level frags. This gave a huge boost to Team Liquid who were playing as Terrorists. Team Ence managed to win single round while playing from CT side. In the first Map Mirage, Twistzz and xSeven were the top fraggers of Team Liquid and Team Ence respectively. While playing from Terrorist side Team Ence played very well and were successful to secure wins in 7 rounds. But unfortunately Team Liquid didn't give them a chance to comeback after the 21st round.

Second Match:

Map: Overpass


The second map was Overpass. This time Team Ence played very aggressive against Team Liquid. Team Ence played from CT side first and secured wins in 8 rounds while Team Liquid managed to win 7. After switch, Team ENCE, playing as Terrorist and managed to win 6 straight rounds. Allu the Awper Man from Team ENCE played superblyas they took the second round with a score of 19-17. In this map Stewie 2K from Team Liquid and Sergej from Team ENCE are the top fraggers of his teams.

Third Match:

Map: Inferno

The match was tied at 1-1. In Inferno, Team LIQUID took the Terrorist side first. Elige and Twistzz from Team Liquid coordinated brilliantly to score 10 rounds from Terrorist side. After team Switch, performance of Team Ence's Allu dropped and was disappointing. He missed important AWP shots. The Final score of this Map is 16-13. Team LIQUID managed to win this last map.

Team Liquid were declared winners of DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 .If you want to watch the Highlights of the finale, click on the video below

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Published 03 Jun 2019, 16:46 IST
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