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Driveclub may be getting a new country according to Facebook Image

Japan may be added to the game DriveClub

News 10 Jan 2015, 23:32 IST
The new screenshot from Driveclub

Evolution Studios racing game title Driveclub had a pretty rocky launch back in October last year. The game is now back on track after the developers released a host of free and paid content which made the racing title a lot more fun for gamers. And now it looks like a new country might be added to the racing title.

The header image of the official Driveclub Facebook page is a screenshot from the game, but with an entirely new location which looks a lot like Japan. The image showcases a car driving down a road lined with cherry blossom trees and petals, which are native to Japan and also synonymous in Japanese pop culture. So this is a strong indication that the new location for Driveclub will be Japan.

Japan would be an interesting addition to the game as developers will now have the opportunity to include drift races, something that the country is famous for in terms of racing. Evolution Studios are yet to reveal when this content would arrive or if it will be paid or free. The games director even posted the image on his Twitter page, so it’s definitely coming to Driveclub. Hopefully, the developers will make an announcement in regards to the new content sometime soon.

Driveclub is now out exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The game has received some exciting new content updates since its release last year, this includes a dynamic weather system and some much-needed connectivity fixes.

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