E3 2019: Luigi Mansion makes a return after 6 years

  • first look at the Luigi Mansion 3
Kuldeep Thapa
Modified 12 Jun 2019, 20:40 IST

Via Nintendo
Via Nintendo

We got the first look of the latest Luigi Mansion 3 at the E3 event. The last installment of the Luigi Mansion came back 6 years ago with Luigi Mansion 2.

Luigi Mansion series falls under the genre of action adventure where Luigi is the main character. He explores the mansion filled with the different ghosts and deals with the problem.

In the gameplay trailer, it is shown that Luigi along with Mario, Peach, and others are invited to a luxurious hotel. The hotel is obviously haunted and Luigi has to find a way to deal with the mess.

The main features from the latest gameplay are:

The return of Professor E Gadd. and Gooigoi. Professor E Gadd is a scientist who helps the Mario brothers to deal with different problems with his crazy inventions. Gooigoi is a doppelganger of Luigi which can slip through bars, walk on spikes but will vanish on touching the water. He comes in very handy for solving difficult puzzles.

Another feature added to this game is ScareScaper mode. In this mode, you can battle ghosts and also complete different challenges to get more coins.

Luigi also has a brand new vacuum named Poltergust G-00. It is super powerful and can do all kinds of stuff. This includes firing plungers, increase jump by using jet propulsion etc.

The trailer also revealed some new moves along with the old Stobulb(stun ghosts). Luigi can now slam ghosts into the floor dealing damage in a small area. He can also use Suction to destroy objects and Burst which will push ghosts away.

Unfortunately, the release date of the game was not revealed but expect it to come this year. The game will come to Nintendo Switch device as expected. It certainly brings some fresh content in the market and everyone is excited about the game.


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Published 12 Jun 2019, 20:40 IST
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