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E3 2019: Pokemon Sword and Shield looks amazing at first glance

Kuldeep Thapa
12 Jun 2019, 01:02 IST

Via Nintendo
Via Nintendo

We already got a lot of juicy news during the last week reveal of the latest Pokemon game and now we have more gameplay details from the ongoing E3 convention.

The gameplay footage of Pokemon Sword and Shield showed the main character roaming around in different parts of the town. The notable features from the Sword and Shield include the fact that Pokemon encounters will change depending upon the weather, place and what time of the day you encounter them. The dynamic system will bring a more realistic feel to the game.

There is also a major change included in the game as compared to the previous generations. Now you will be able to see Pokemon out in the wild before you encounter them. However, there will be instances where you will see an exclamation mark which means you can get any random Pokemon encounter from the location.

There is also a new feature where the players can whistle which will get the attention of different Pokemon. However, different Pokemon will have a different reaction to the whistle. Some Pokemon might come towards you out of curiosity while others might run away.

Another major detail that was revealed is that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be compatible with the PokeBall Plus device. However, the device cannot be used as a controller.

The gameplay also revealed the water type gym leader Nessa from Galar region. People attending the event will have the chance to battle Nessa during the event.

The game looks very beautiful and has definitely improved from the last generation installments in terms of both graphics and gameplay. It will support the link battle system which is good news for all the fans. The game is expected to be released on 15 of November 2019 and is up for pre-orders now.

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