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E3 2019: Ten predictions for this year's show

  • What we think will happen at E3 2019 - although we're probably wrong about most of it.
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:00 IST

E3 still draws the crowds
E3 still draws the crowds

The Electronic Entertainment Expo may not have the importance it once did - what with companies declining to attend, holding their own events, or making their big announcements at other events (such as PAX or during the Game Awards) - but it's still a major event on the game industry calendar. Thus, it's still an event that is prone to big surprises and exciting reveals.

One of our favorite pastimes during this time of year is trying to guess exactly what will be announced during these three or four days in June. Sometimes it's a calculated prediction, based on what's previously been announced and other factors. Other times, it's just wishful thinking. Like "oh man, wouldn't it be awesome if..." type of thinking. It rarely comes true, but it's fun and we're not making these predictions for our health.

So, whatever the thought process, here are ten things we think are going to be announced or, at the very least, happen at E3 2019.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

Microsoft releases more Halo Infinite details (i.e. literally anything)

If Microsoft is going to "go big" at E3 2019, like they've said they're going to, the Halo franchise is going to have to be a major part of it. No other game series is associated with the Xbox brand like that one, and we already know that this title is in the works - what with them, you know, announcing the damn thing last year.

What they present will, obviously, depend on how far along development is, and what - if anything - they have to show. Our guess is that we'll get a modicum of gameplay footage, as well as details as to what the game is going to be like. Will it be a "game as service" type multiplayer title, like Destiny 2 or Anthem? Will it be a more traditional Halo title, with a story meant to wrap up the saga of Master Chief? Or, will it be something we're not expecting at all?

Whatever it is, we're fairly confident we're going to find out in June.

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Published 15 May 2019, 02:48 IST
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