E3 2019: Ten predictions for this year's show

E3 still draws the crowds
E3 still draws the crowds
Kevin C. Sullivan

We'll finally get some info on Square Enix's Avengers game

It's the Avengers, you guys!
It's the Avengers, you guys!

It's been well over two years since Square Enix and Marvel (yeah, Marvel - you didn't think we meant Avengers as in that old BBC show, did you?) announced they were partnering up to make top tier, AAA games based on the Disney subsidiary's comic book and movie properties. Along with that announcement, we got this short (albeit very cool) teaser video:


Since then? Zilch. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Personally, I'd rather developers stay hard at work on a game rather than trying to make a cool trailer. Still, two years is a long time and you think we'd have heard or seen something by now. Then again, this is the same company making the Final Fantasy VII remake, so...

However, if Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics have anything to show us, E3 2019 couldn't be a better time. What with Avengers: Endgame breaking box office records like a toddler does to... well, just about anything, really... and interest in all things Marvel at an all time high, announcing more details about this highly anticipated superhero title - hell, even a title would be something - would create massive levels of excitement.

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