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E3 2019: Top 5 Game Announcements that no One was Expecting

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14 Jun 2019, 19:18 IST

Ghost Wire:Tokyo
Ghost Wire:Tokyo

Every year at E3 there are announcements that actually don't leak ahead of its scheduled reveal, or teased before the big event to generate hype. These games form up to be the most shocking and surprising moments of every E3, something as a gamer we all look forward to every year.

Even though this year's E3 received a pretty lukewarm reception in contrast to the previous years, there were pretty big reveals and announcements spreading across from Microsoft to Ubisoft and even Nintendo which had their own thing going.

These were some pretty big reveals and I'm pretty sure none of us was expecting.

Here are the top 5 biggest surprise announcements of E3 2019:-

#5. Blaire Witch:-

One of the biggest highlights of Microsoft's E3 2019 conference was the announcement of the returning Blaire Witch game. Something none of us were expecting.

The latest game is to be a completely original story and is being developed by the group of very talented people at Bloober, a Polish-based game company most notably known for the horror game series-Layers of fears.

The story of the game takes two years after the student filmakers took off into the Black Hills forest to make a documentary on the fabled Blaire Witch.

What stood out the most in the announcment trailer was how visually stunning the game looked. This new entry in the Blaire Witch series looks to be the most picturesque game till date and thankfully, we won't have to wait very long to get our hands on the game.


Blaire Witch launches on August 30, 2019 for PC and Xbox One. The game will also be available on the Xbox game pass at launch.

Where you as much as shocked and happy with the announcment of the return of this iconic game? Do tell us about your thoughts regarding the same down below.

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