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Review - Elite: Dangerous

Well first of all a review on a game like Elite:Dangerous is not that easy for any one to write, so here goes nothing. The games features an open wor ...

20 Jan 2015, 10:45 IST

Well first of all a review on a game like Elite:Dangerous is not that easy for any one to write, so here goes nothing. The games features an open world, a ‘Big’ open world. Each players experience will vary differently as it is a play at your own whim game.

The game Elite: Dangerous is the only premier non-subscription based space simulator that is available in the market today. Here players will be able to get a chance to live the life that they have always dreamed of, well, adding the fact that if they have lived on to dream on living in movies like Star Wars, Star trek- getting to the point- In Space!!

In the game, the player and the spaceship will be able to fly across the entire Milky Way, a 1:1 recreation of the galaxy that we all are in right now.

If after reading this bit you think that the game is just about wandering into the black space then think again because, in the game Elite: Dangerous, just as you would in real life, Players  will have a profession like Mining, bounty hunting, trading, smuggling, being a courier being a mercenary, pirating and exploring, which will give them a steady stream of credits with which they can then use to buy new ships or upgrade your current one. Isnt that just wonderful?

Well, since it sounds a bit complex let me just add in the complex part to playing this game in the beginning. The controls will take some getting to get used to, but if you have a joystick or flight simulator peripherals, it will make it so much more easier for you to get sucked in. Now,while a keyboard and mouse suffice, they are far from being ideal and also players should make sure that they have an internet connection, it should be a good one to take advantage of the massively multiplayer aspects.

Another major drawback in the game Elite: Dangerous is that it requires a lot of enthusiasm on the player’s part to really get completel enjoyment from it. Well, not just for nothing but because Elite: Dangerous is a time-sink. It will not be easy to get a hold of.

However, there are a large library of tutorials available for players to play through in-game, ranging from the very basics to some much more advanced things like how to run silently to catch your prey unaware. Most importantly, if players are going to want to play Elite: Dangerous properly, not just hurtling through space hitting every random object possible, they will need to commit a fair amount of hours into learning how to play.

Apart from this the game is bug-free and by far the best game of its genre that doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee on the market right now.

Now, lets move on to the next part, say for instance that you have mastered all of the controls and mechanics of the game. And its all a smooth sail, but here again what does smooth sail mean to you as a player?? Is it zipping around desperately in the default ship, performing odd jobs trying to make enough credits to get a new one that benefits the role that you so wish to play in the galaxy? Well then perhaps you are sailing smooth.

But, unfortunately, players will have to begin their life as a spacer. in this game the player’s will has to go a long way, but just like in real life, there are certain things that are needed, firstly, money, players will need money to make money. If they want to become a miner, not only will they be needing a larger ship that can carry more cargo, but also have  to purchase a mining laser, a refinery module and, optionally, some method to defend themselves from scummy pirates. 

Apart from this, players may even need to upgrade their power supply to accommodate all their new modules. an interesting part is that there will a bulletin board where players can get odd jobs like bounty hunting, smuggling and delivery contracts, as your only initial sources of income, you will be spending a lot of time doing a lot of flying and not a lot of money-making.

This being done, the talk of the professions lead to the next biggest issue with the game Elite Dangerous: It gets really repetitive and to add on the size of the galaxy doesn’t particularly help in the time department.

Moving on, now lets say that a player has all sorts of weapons available for purchase from missiles, fixed target lasers and gimbal-mounted lasers along with different kinds of ships. one would think that its good but  that aint gonna do a thing for you as, unfortunately, ‘especially’ if you try to pick a fight with better-equipped  real people pilots, and not just AI, you will find that every little precious equipment of yours and all the fancy weapons will not be effective, which means, you’re dead. 

And after a while if you run out of patience like most normal human beings do, then you will find that the game Elte: Dangerous becomes too repetitive and fast. And same goes with any other profession, be it exploration or trading.  ‘Combat’ is the biggest potential for variety and in this game you will notice how the word repeat falls in the game. It will tell you all you need to know about the more mechanically repetitive professions.

This review has mostly just been about how the game isn’t so perfect in so many ways, but even with all of the defaults that I have pointed out so far, the title on the review does not change. Elite: Dangerous is still a good game.

Why so? Well, first off, it is visually quite stunning. The Planets, stars and nebulae look fantastic and whenever a developer is adjusting the effects of moons on the tides of their orbited planets, you know something is just very right.

Final Verdict:

Elite: Dangerous, the title itself throws off a thrill. If you’re looking for something to just pass some of your undying time then Elite: Dangerous is your game. If not then, well too bad, but all in all, the game no matter what, has got a certain zeal in it to make it to one of the best space induced games so far, especially when you can get access to it for free. 

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