Emma Langevin: The YouTuber who went viral and got cancelled in 24 hours

Emma Langevin is a victim of Cancel Culture (Image Credits: RT.com)
Emma Langevin is a victim of Cancel Culture (Image Credits: RT.com)

Emma Langevin is an online personality, known for her posts on Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube. She has around 230K followers on Twitter and 207K subscribers on YouTube, having recently gone viral online due to her unusual, quirky accent and her natural charm, which appealed to the online community at large.

However, she was also subjected to the dark side of fame and cancel culture when some social media users began portraying the content creator in a bad light. Her crime? She allegedly followed the "wrong people."

The irony with these allegations lay in the fact that the accuser herself was apparently guilty of posting controversial tweets:

However, the damage was already done, as soon the allegations against Emma Langevin escalated with several from the community joining in:

This was only the beginning, as Emma Langevin had no option but to issue an apology in the aftermath of mounting hate.

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Emma Langevin responds

Emma Langevin was shocked at the claims that she was a white supremacist and responded on Twitter with the following tweet:

She also released a video on YouTube where she responded to the fiasco that had erupted involving her

Being a stupid, satirical piece of shit on the internet really eventually comes to bite you in the ass.

On a more serious note, she says:

I've been given this platform and before I could even comprehend what was happening or figure out what to do with it, I got cancelled within 24 hours ..I went from having 2,000 followers on a Twitter account that I had had for two weeks to gaining 12,100 followers in four days.

Offering further clarification on the issue, she says:

I would never condone, endorse or support any type of discrimination ...we have all said or done stupid shit at one point or another and this is why need to be able to have these civilised discussions so we can promote growth and change .
If you want someone to see things the same way as you do , you cannot expel them when they try to learn and change

The plight of Emma Langevin offers a lens through which we can view the complex mechanism of cancel culture which is not always the right solution to a problem. Rather than promote dialogue or open up a discussion, people today can be quick to write others off based on perceived actions.

This not only hampers their reputation and credibility but also indicates a problematic trend, which at times, can be misused and misinterpreted.

Cancel culture can often bare its flaws through misguided activism, as seen in the unfortunate case of Emma Langevin.