Entity Gaming Announces Entity.Athena


More than just lifting trophies, Entity Gaming believes in making path-breaking avenues that leave a mark in the gaming ecosystem. Today, we are pleased to say that we have the occasion to announce another such venture that'll mark an important milestone. Not for us, but for the entire gaming scene.

Entity Gaming is proud to announce that we are marking the creation of Entity.Athena, dedicated to female gamers and inspired from the Olympian Goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena. Our first additions to Entity.Athena are four talented PUBGM female gamers, Sneha, Quinn, Kat, and Kesha.

More than just a girls team, Entity.Athena is our new identity for a new and upcoming population of gamers who have been left out from Indian gaming's rising tide. This PUBGM roster is a first for the PUBGM circuit since it is the first time a premier organization has entered the female PUBGM scene.

This team is among one of many such revolutionary steps that we are going to undertake for Entity.Athena.

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